Joe Biden Uplifting Boy With Stutter Resurfaces After Trump Mocks Condition

A heartwarming video of President Joe Biden encouraging a young boy with a stutter has gained traction on social media once again. This comes in response to former President Donald Trump’s recent mocking of the condition during a rally.

During his criticism of President Biden’s State of the Union address on Thursday night, Trump, who is expected to be the Republican nominee in the 2024 presidential race, mocked the president’s lifelong stutter.

During his speech in Rome, Georgia, on Saturday, Trump sarcastically posed a question to the crowd, saying, “Didn’t it bring us together?” He went on to imitate Biden, mockingly stating, “I’m gonna bring the country tuh-tuh-tuh-together.”

As a child, Biden faced challenges with his speech condition and even experienced bullying from his Catholic school teacher due to it, according to his sister Valerie Biden Owens in a PBS documentary from 2020.

Brian Klaas, an associate professor in global politics at University College London and contributing writer at The Atlantic, recently posted a heartwarming video on X (formerly Twitter). The video captures a touching moment between Biden and a young boy who, like the president, struggles with a stutter. In just a short period of time, the video has garnered over 22,000 views, showcasing the impact of this powerful interaction.

“Look at how the tiniest moments can reveal the most striking differences,” Klaas remarked in the caption of the video. “Let me show you an instance where Biden engaged with a child who was facing challenges with a stutter.”

Brayden’s father proudly introduced his son, who struggles with stuttering, saying, “We’ve come here today because Brayden was eager to listen to your speech.”

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Biden approached Brayden with a warm embrace and offered some encouraging words, saying, “I want to tell you something important, Brayden. Don’t let this situation define you. You are incredibly intelligent, and now more than ever, you have the ability to overcome any challenge that comes your way.”

The president then requested the boy’s phone number, expressing his desire to speak with Brayden about his experience with the condition. Biden mentioned that he collaborates with approximately 25 other individuals who also have the same condition, stating, “I can share with you the strategies that have aided me.”

Biden reassured his audience that overcoming his stutter required a significant amount of practice. However, he emphasized that with dedication and perseverance, anyone can accomplish the same feat.

“And you know, when I say I understand bullies—you know, those kids who make fun of others—it’s going to change, honey. I promise you,” Biden said, leaning in closer to the boy.

Maya Chupkov, a passionate advocate for stuttering, shared her thoughts with Newsweek via email. She emphasized the importance of transforming our perception and dialogue surrounding stuttering. According to Maya, this shift is necessary to challenge and overcome the harmful stereotypes that persist in popular culture. Proud Stutter, her acclaimed podcast and advocacy organization, aims to address these issues head-on.

People who hold positions of power possess a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness and alleviate the feelings of isolation experienced by individuals, especially children, who stutter. By actively speaking up, advocating, and sharing personal stories about the challenges of stuttering, we can empower more people who stutter and their parents to realize that there is a supportive community awaiting them.

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In anticipation of the state primary on Tuesday, both Trump and Biden have been actively campaigning in Georgia. It is worth noting that in the 2020 general election, Biden managed to secure a narrow victory over Trump in Georgia, with a slim margin of 49.5 percent to 49.3 percent.

In his State of the Union address, President Biden not only highlighted the achievements of his administration and outlined their future goals for America, but he also directly criticized former President Trump on several occasions.

“My predecessor failed in the most fundamental duty that a president owes to the American people: the duty to care,” stated Biden, referring to the former president.

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