Joe Biden: “No Excuses” for Not Enough Aid for Gaza

President Joe Biden expressed his strong conviction that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu should not hinder the flow of additional humanitarian aid into Gaza, stating that there should be no room for excuses in this matter.

During a bilateral meeting with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, President Biden made a noteworthy comment. It was reported by the Associated Press (AP) that the United States will soon initiate air-dropping of humanitarian aid into Gaza.

The plan’s precise timing remains undisclosed, although AP reported that Biden anticipates it will commence in the “coming days.”

During his meeting with Meloni, Biden emphasized the need for Israel to enhance its support efforts by increasing the number of trucks and routes available. He firmly stated that there should be no room for excuses when it comes to providing assistance to those in need.

On Friday, Newsweek sent an email to the White House and the Israeli government’s press office, seeking comment.

The Context

According to the latest report by AP, the ongoing Gaza offensive conducted by Israel has resulted in the tragic loss of over 30,000 Palestinian lives. This military operation has not only led to a severe humanitarian crisis but has also left a devastating impact on the lives of the people in Gaza. As per the United Nations, approximately a quarter of Gaza’s population, which amounts to 2.3 million individuals, are now at risk of starvation, while a staggering 80 percent have been forced to evacuate their homes.

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According to the health ministry in Gaza, at least 115 Palestinians lost their lives and over 750 others were injured during an incident. Witnesses reported that Israeli troops fired upon people who were attempting to retrieve goods from aid trucks.

What We Know

Pressure from within his own party has been mounting on Biden in relation to Gaza, with a significant number of potential Democratic voters advocating for a ceasefire.

In this week’s Democratic primary in Michigan, a state with the highest number of Arab Americans in the U.S., Biden received a clear message from thousands of voters. Instead of supporting him, they chose to vote “uncommitted.” Despite this, Biden still emerged as the winner of the state’s election.


In December, on the 100th day of captivity for hostages in Gaza, Biden expressed his concern and empathy by stating, “No one should have to endure even one day of what they have gone through, much less 100.”

“On this tragic day, I want to restate my commitment to all the hostages and their families. We stand by you, and we will continue our relentless efforts to bring Americans back home,” stated the president.

In January, Democratic Senator Chris Van Hollen expressed his frustration with Netanyahu’s actions during the ongoing war. According to Van Hollen, Netanyahu has disregarded Biden’s calls for cease-fires and the protection of civilians in Gaza, which has been seen as a disrespectful gesture towards the President.

According to Van Hollen, the Netanyahu coalition continuously rejects their pleas, leaving them feeling disrespected and ignored.

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What’s Next?

According to AP, President Biden announced that in the near future, the United States plans to collaborate with Jordan and other aid providers to deliver more food and supplies through airdrops. Additionally, they are considering the possibility of establishing a marine corridor to ensure the efficient distribution of resources.

In his meeting with Meloni, Biden mentioned that progress is being made in the negotiations between Israel and Hamas regarding the release of hostages. He emphasized the urgent need for an immediate cease-fire to facilitate the delivery of much-needed aid to Gaza.

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