Jim Jordan Receives Defiant Letter from Fani Willis

Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis confronted Republican Representative Jim Jordan this week, asserting her authority and making her position clear.

Zachary Cohen of CNN was the first to report a letter sent by Willis to Jordan’s office. The letter was a response to a subpoena issued by Jordan, who had requested additional information for a House Judiciary Committee investigation into her use of federal funds.

In a letter obtained by Cohen, it was stated, “I have received your letter dated March 14, 2024. I firmly deny the claim that this office has been inadequate in responding to the Committee’s subpoena dated February 2, 2024.”

The letter acknowledges your observation and mentions that the organization has already shared significant details about its federally funded programs. It also refers to a previous letter dated February 23, 2024, where the office expressed its commitment to providing you with relevant documents in a timely manner. The organization is actively working to fulfill this obligation and ensure that you receive the necessary information regarding its federal grant funding.

The letter further states that Jordan’s extensive document demands are deemed unreasonable and uncustomary. According to the government office, fulfilling such requests would divert resources away from their primary purpose of prosecuting crime.

In February, Jordan and the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena to Willis’s office. They requested documents that are related to her office’s receipt and use of federal funds. Willis played a key role in the investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged election interference in Georgia. As a result, her office faced criticism from many Republicans.

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Jordan has asked for information pertaining to his investigation by February 23rd.

Earlier this month, Jordan sent Willis another letter, in which he threatened to hold her in contempt of Congress if she failed to provide additional documents by March 28th.

According to a letter obtained by ABC News, Jordan stated that despite the indication of additional documents being provided in response to the Committee’s subpoena, no such materials have been received in the three weeks since the initial response. Therefore, the Committee expects all relevant documents to be produced by 12:00 p.m. on March 28, 2024, in the order of priority determined by the Committee. Failure to comply may result in further action, including the possibility of invoking contempt of Congress proceedings.

In a letter sent on Wednesday, Willis reassured Jordan that although they are currently working on gathering more documents, these efforts will not disrupt the ongoing trial regarding election interference.

In a letter, it was stated, “People have repeatedly threatened my family, my staff, and myself with violent and racist attacks. However, neither these threats nor anything said or done by you and your colleagues will deter us from fulfilling our duty to bring this case to trial.”

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