JetBlue Planes Collide at Logan Airport, Wingtip Hits Tail

Suffolk County, Massachusetts – On Thursday morning at Boston Logan International Airport, two JetBlue airplanes collided, resulting in one plane’s wingtip coming into contact with the tail of the other.

Jennifer Mehigan from the Massachusetts Port Authority reported that nobody was injured and that both flights were subsequently canceled.

During an event at 6:40 a.m., while situated on the de-icing pad, the left winglet of JetBlue Flight 777 collided with the right horizontal stabilizer of JetBlue Flight 551. This incident occurred in a section of the airport ground designated for airline control, as stated by the Federal Aviation Authority, which has initiated an inquiry into the matter.

Mehigan mentioned that the aircrafts bumped into each other in the de-icing zone, characterizing the event as quite minor. She noted that passengers were transferred to alternative flights.

JetBlue acknowledged the occurrence, stating that the intended flights to Las Vegas and Orlando would be conducted using different planes while the affected aircraft undergo repairs. Emphasizing safety as a top concern, JetBlue has committed to investigating the cause and specifics of the incident.

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