Jerry Jones denied appeal, must undergo paternity test to determine if he is the father of 27-year-old woman

Jerry Jones is facing the requirement of taking a paternity test. This development comes after a judge upheld a decision in his ongoing legal dispute with Alexandra Davis, a 27-year-old woman who claims that the Dallas Cowboys owner is her father.

Dallas County judge Sandra Jackson has affirmed a court ruling following Jones’ appeal.

In a lawsuit filed in 2022, Davis asserts that Jones is her father. According to her claims, she was conceived in the mid-1990s during a relationship between Jones and her mother, Cynthia Davis.

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In 1998, Cynthia, who was married at the time, had come to an agreement with Jones. As part of the settlement, he agreed to provide complete financial support for them on the condition that he would not be publicly recognized as Alexandra’s father.

Alexandra is confident that she is not obligated by the agreement between Jones and her mother. This sets the stage for a new lawsuit, in which she aims to establish legal proof that Jones is indeed her father.

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Kris Hayes, the lawyer representing her, hailed the judge’s ruling as a significant triumph in compelling Jones to undergo paternity testing.

According to a statement by Hayes, Alex is now in a place where she doesn’t have to hide her truth or live in fear anymore. It is hoped that she will finally find peace, and the hope is that other families will also benefit from the judge’s decision to follow the law.

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Jones’ lawyers made the argument during the hearing that Cynthia’s husband, at the time of the alleged relationship, is legally presumed to be the father.

It seems that the court rejected the argument. Jones, who has been married to his wife Eugenia Jones since 1963, will now have to anxiously await an announcement, reminiscent of the Maury Povich Show, to find out whether he is the father or not.

Jerry Jones was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1945 and has achieved great success since acquiring the Cowboys in 1989.

Jerry Jones has three children with his wife. His son, Stephen, holds the position of the COO of the Cowboys and serves as the director of player personnel. His daughter, Charlotte, plays a pivotal role as the team’s executive vice president and chief brand officer. Additionally, his other son, Jerry Jones Jr., contributes to the team as the chief sales and marketing officer.

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