Jack Smith asserts that Trump handled classified documents far worse than Biden

Special counsel Jack Smith made it clear on Monday that there is no comparison between President Joe Biden’s handling of classified documents and the “deceitful criminal conduct” exhibited by Donald Trump. In response to a scolding from special counsel Robert Hur, Smith emphasized that Biden’s actions are not even remotely similar to Trump’s behavior.

In a 12-page filing refuting Trump’s assertion that he has been subjected to biased prosecution by Biden’s administration, Smith’s team dismissed Trump’s attempt to draw a comparison between his actions and those of Biden. They pointed out that Hur’s report highlighted the reasons why Trump is facing criminal charges while Biden is not.

According to assistant special counsel David Harbach, the defendants have failed to identify any individual who has committed such a comprehensive and deliberate set of criminal actions without facing prosecution. Furthermore, Harbach asserts that it would be highly unlikely for such individuals to exist.

According to Harbach, the allegations against Trump involve extensive and repeated attempts to obstruct justice and prevent the return of classified documents. He also highlights the contrasting evidence regarding the intent of both men, specifically whether they knowingly possessed and willfully retained such documents.

Former President Trump is currently facing criminal charges for allegedly hoarding classified secrets at his Mar-a-Lago estate after his tenure in office. Furthermore, he has been accused of resisting the National Archives and Justice Department’s attempts to retrieve these classified records. It is worth noting that the magnitude and classified nature of the records maintained by Trump are significantly different from previous cases of mishandling classified documents, which were resolved without criminal charges.

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In his analysis, the author stated that Trump’s actions are unprecedented in American history. He emphasized that no former official has ever exhibited behavior even remotely similar to Trump’s.

In a court filing, Smith raised Hur’s findings for the first time, marking a significant moment. Hur had previously provided a scathing evaluation of Biden’s handling of classified materials throughout his four-decade-long career in office. Notably, Hur’s report also contained critical remarks about Biden’s age and memory, which some of the president’s supporters deemed unnecessary and politically motivated. It is worth mentioning that Hur’s report did not propose any criminal charges.

According to Biden, he made sure to inform the Justice Department when his lawyers found classified material at his residence in Delaware. He allowed searches of his residences and cooperated fully with investigators. On the other hand, Trump is accused of attempting to deceive the Justice Department and his own lawyer about the documents he possessed at Mar-a-Lago.

The citation of one special counsel investigating a former president (Smith) by another special counsel who investigated the current president (Hur) highlights the remarkable role the Justice Department is playing as Biden and Trump prepare for a 2024 rematch. Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed both special counsels, further emphasizing the department’s significant involvement in this situation.

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