Is There a Ghost at This Alabama Girl Scout Camp?

Everyone is familiar with the fact that some of the most captivating ghost stories are shared while camping. All it takes is a dark night, a crackling campfire, and a spine-chilling tale. In Alabama, there exists the perfect setting for such stories: Camp Cottaquilla, a reputedly haunted campground exclusively for Girl Scouts, situated near Anniston. According to the Anniston Star, Camp Cottaquilla was established in 1947. The campground is enveloped by two renowned ghostly legends. Now, the question remains: are these legends nothing more than tales spun around campfires? The decision lies in your hands!

The One-Armed Girl Scout

In the mid-1950s, a group of girl scouts gathered around the evening campfire during their special outing at Camp Cottaquilla. These girls were known for their competitive nature, especially when it came to selling Girl Scout cookies. As they chatted, some of the girls boasted about the impressive number of boxes they had sold. Upon hearing this, the most ambitious girl realized she was a few boxes away from winning. Determined not to be outdone, she quietly slipped away from the campfire, grabbed her bag of cookies, and hurried down the winding, dimly lit road, hoping to come across a house or a passing car where she could sell the remaining cookies and secure her victory in the contest.

Legend of the Indian Princess

According to an old tale passed down to early settlers in the area, Camp Cottaquilla has a haunting legend rooted in Native American lore. The story goes that the camp’s location has been haunted for centuries by the sorrowful spirit of a Native American Chief’s daughter. Legend has it that the land surrounding Camp Cottaquilla was once home to two warring Indian tribes. The Chief of one tribe had a beautiful daughter who, against her father’s wishes, fell in love with a young brave from the enemy tribe. Every night, the young lovers would secretly meet under the moonlight at the very spot where Camp Cottaquilla stands today.

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One fateful night, suspicious of his daughter’s late-night excursions, the Chief forbade her from leaving. Instead, he sent his best warriors to ambush the young brave. Devastated upon hearing the news of her lover’s death, the young woman consumed a handful of poisonous berries, hoping to join him in the afterlife. However, it turned out that the slain brave was not her lover, but another young warrior who was out hunting.

It is believed that the spirit of the Chief’s daughter still roams the area, searching for her lost love. Locals claim that at midnight, footsteps can be heard within the camp, accompanied by the young woman’s voice calling out for her lover. Some even say they have heard her weeping in the stillness of the night.

Camp Cottaquilla is a picturesque location that holds countless cherished memories for thousands of Girl Scouts, despite the spooky tales that circulate around it. Although the campground is primarily for private use, there are occasions when it can be rented out for church retreats or other special events. To learn more about Camp Cottaquilla, you can visit their Facebook Page.

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