Iowa C-Block Member Sentenced to 384 Months in Prison for Shooting at Baby Shower

An Iowa man has been sentenced to 384 months in federal prison on Thursday. This comes after a jury found him guilty of charges related to firearms straw purchasing and illegal possession of firearms, including a machinegun.

Dontavius Rashawn Sharkey, a 27-year-old resident of Des Moines and a member of the C-Block gang, was convicted based on public court documents and evidence presented during the trial and sentencing. He was found guilty of opening fire on a group of individuals at a Des Moines apartment complex, mistakenly believing that one of them was a rival gang member. The incident occurred during a baby shower, putting innocent bystanders at risk.

After the shooting incident, Sharkey, who has a criminal record, enlisted someone to buy multiple firearms for him illegally from different gun stores in the Des Moines region. One of these firearms was found by law enforcement on November 2, 2022, during a search at Sharkey’s residence in Des Moines. While the search was ongoing, Sharkey attempted to escape from the authorities, carrying the loaded firearm that he had modified into a machinegun with an auto-switch. Fortunately, Sharkey was apprehended by an ATF K-9 unit.

Sharkey’s sentence included an additional 24 months due to the revocation of his federal supervised release. It is worth noting that Sharkey was already serving a term of federal supervised release when he committed these crimes. He had previously been released from federal prison on February 17, 2022, after completing a 60-month sentence for being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Once Sharkey finishes his prison sentence, he will have to undergo three years of supervised release. It’s important to note that parole is not applicable in the federal system.

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“The Des Moines Police Chief, Dana Wingert, expressed the department’s strong and enduring partnership with the ATF, FBI, and the United States Attorney’s Office. This collaborative effort has proven to be highly effective in ensuring that violent criminals are held responsible for their actions within our community. The remarkable results achieved in this specific case serve as a testament to the dedication and commitment of all involved. Chief Wingert emphasized the department’s unwavering determination to combine resources and tirelessly pursue individuals who endanger the safety of our citizens through gun violence.”

“The ATF’s primary mission is to prevent firearms from falling into the hands of violent criminals. This case serves as a clear example of the extreme measures criminals are willing to take to obtain firearms illegally. It also highlights the ATF’s unwavering dedication and expertise in investigating federal law violations. Bernard Hansen, Special Agent in Charge of the Kansas City Field Division, ATF, emphasized the agency’s commitment to working alongside law enforcement partners and the United States Attorney’s Office to tirelessly bring those who endanger our communities to justice.”

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