Investigation launched by Tennessee AG into company’s attempted sale of Elvis Presley’s Graceland

The Tennessee attorney general has launched an investigation into the recent dispute surrounding Graceland. This comes after a judge halted an alleged creditor’s efforts to initiate a foreclosure sale and seize the estate from the family of Elvis Presley.

The Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s office announced on Thursday that they have opened an investigation into Naussany Investments and Private Lending LLC. This company had claimed that Lisa Marie Presley used the famous estate as collateral for a $3.8 million loan.

Last year, Lisa Marie Presley sadly passed away. However, her daughter, Riley Keough, who is an actor, has come forward with a shocking claim. According to Keough, the alleged deal that her mother had supposedly made never actually existed, and furthermore, she believes that her mother’s signature on the documents was forged.

Lisa Marie Presley, the sole child of Elvis, became the inheritor of her father’s estate in Memphis at the young age of 9 in 1977. Graceland, the iconic property, is held within a trust that encompasses all of the late singer’s remaining assets, with control passing to Keough following her mother’s passing.

Graceland is hailed by Skrmetti as one of Tennessee’s most iconic landmarks. The family has graciously welcomed visitors to this historic site for over four decades.

“I have instructed my legal team to thoroughly investigate this issue, assess the complete scope of any possible wrongdoing, and devise appropriate measures to safeguard the interests of Elvis Presley’s beneficiaries as well as others who might face similar threats,” stated Skrmetti.

The sale of the former home of the king of rock ‘n’ roll was postponed by a judge in Shelby County Chancery Court on Wednesday. The judge stated that Keough had a high chance of winning the case if her team could provide evidence of the alleged fraud.

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Chancellor JoeDae L. Jenkins of the Chancery Court suggested that it would be prudent to postpone the sale of Graceland until the allegations could be thoroughly investigated.

According to Jenkins, Graceland holds a special place in the hearts of the community in Shelby County and is beloved not only locally but also globally. He believes that it is in the best interest of the public to prioritize and support this iconic landmark.

No one from Naussany Investments and Private Lending LLC showed up in court, and our search of public databases couldn’t find any records of this supposed lender. We also couldn’t find any companies named Naussany or with the initials NIPL.

The company is located in Jacksonville, Florida and Hollister, Missouri, with street addresses that correspond to local post offices. Additionally, they have a post office box in Kimberling City, Missouri.

Lisa Marie Presley’s lawyers received emails from a man named Kurt Naussany, who claimed that he was owed $3.8 million and threatened to sell Graceland, as stated in Keough’s court filings. In response to NBC News, an email allegedly from Kurt Naussany’s account denied ever lending money to Lisa Marie Presley, stating that he left the company in 2015.

According to the response, it is recommended to get in touch with Gregory E. Naussany, as he was responsible for managing all loans with Ms. Presley.

Gregory E. Naussany responded to Keough’s claims by sending a fax to the Shelby County court. In the fax, Naussany denied the allegations of fraud and stated that the company is ready to present evidence and arguments to prove that the relief sought in this case is not justified.

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NBC News tried to reach Gregory E. Naussany at the provided phone number, but was unsuccessful in making contact.

After consulting with lawyers, the company stated in response to an email request on Wednesday that they would be dropping the case.

Gregory E. Naussany was sent an email on Thursday requesting a comment on the investigation, but there has been no immediate response.

Graceland’s spokesperson stated on Wednesday that the court’s decision has affirmed that there is no risk of the estate being transferred to another party.

The statement assures that Graceland will remain unchanged, offering the same exceptional experience to Elvis fans worldwide who visit his legendary home for the next 42 years.

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