Infant among 2 fatalities, multiple injuries reported in Oklahoma tornado outbreak

A devastating tornado tore through the town of Sulphur in central Oklahoma on Saturday night, leaving behind a trail of destruction and claiming the lives of two individuals, including a four-month-old baby, according to local police. The powerful storm reduced buildings to rubble, leaving the community in shock and mourning.

According to the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, at least 30 individuals were injured and there is still one person who has not been located. A search and rescue operation is ongoing in Sulphur, and Governor Kevin Stitt is set to visit the affected areas on Sunday afternoon to assess the storm damage.

According to The National Weather Service, crews are still sifting through the aftermath of a series of at least 20 tornadoes that tore through a wide area of Oklahoma, from the northern part of the state to the Red River. Although the storms have not yet been rated, the service has confirmed that at least 17 of them made landfall.

Governor Stitt has announced a state of emergency in twelve counties.

In the state of emergency declaration, Governor Stitt emphasized the need to support and expedite relief efforts due to the extensive damage caused by severe storms, tornadoes, straight-line winds, hail, and flooding starting from April 27, 2024. This includes significant impacts on power lines and infrastructure.

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt expressed his condolences to the families who lost loved ones in the devastating tornadoes that struck Oklahoma last night. In a separate statement, he thanked the Oklahoma Emergency Management and all the dedicated individuals who tirelessly worked through the night to ensure the safety of the people of Oklahoma. Their efforts in clearing debris and assessing the damage are greatly appreciated.

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The Murray County Sheriff’s Office has reported that the American Red Cross has established a shelter at Crossway Church in Sulphur. This facility not only provides a safe haven for those affected by the storm but also serves as a location for individuals to reconnect with their loved ones.

During a state of emergency, the usual duration is one month, which allows for the allocation of state funds to be used for clean-up and providing assistance to those affected.

Crews are currently working to remove debris in the areas hardest hit by the storm, leading to the closure of several major highways.

The Midwest has been hit by a series of tornadoes, and the Oklahoma tornadoes on Saturday night were the latest in this string of destructive storms.

The Weather Service received reports of at least 60 tornadoes in five states on Friday, marking it as the most active day for tornadoes this year. Authorities have issued warnings to millions of people in a wide stretch from Michigan to Texas, alerting them to the possibility of further severe weather.

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