In this hilarious video, the dog waits patiently for Grandpa to wake up before throwing his ball

This adorable dog deserves a reward for his incredible patience. While his grandpa took a nap, instead of getting frustrated, the dog sat quietly by the couch. The family captured the funniest footage of the dog waiting for the game of fetch to resume. Surprisingly, grandpa had the ball in his hand the entire time. The dog’s unwavering determination is evident as he never takes his eyes off the prize even for a second.

The video becomes even more amusing when you realize that the ball was easily within the dog’s reach. He could have easily leaned forward and taken the toy from Grandpa’s hand if he had desired. However, this exceptionally good boy chose to patiently wait for the elderly man to wake up. Such a heartwarming dog!

The video displayed the message, “It has been like this for 10 minutes…”

The dog’s patience in waiting for his grandpa to throw the ball is truly admirable. Commenters found the video to be both hilarious and incredibly heartwarming. One user even pointed out that the pup was so excited that it was drooling in anticipation.

“They wrote that the couch had a puddle of saliva on it.”

This well-behaved dog definitely deserves to get the ball eventually. We truly hope that he was rewarded for his good behavior. In fact, it would be fitting to give him some treats as well!

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