Ice-T shares his thoughts on Lenny Kravitz’s unconventional celibacy

Lenny Kravitz has chosen to abstain from sexual activity for nearly ten years, a decision that does not meet with the approval of Ice-T.

The rapper-turned-actor recently shared his thoughts on Kravitz’s revelation that he hasn’t been in a serious relationship for nine years and has chosen to remain celibate until he finds one.

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According to TMZ, Ice-T expressed his disapproval of going without sex for nine years in a now-deleted tweet. The Law & Order: SVU star didn’t hold back, calling it “weirdo s—.” He further emphasized his point by stating, “If you’re a guy and you can voluntarily go nine years without sex… you’re following the wrong page.”

In response to an X user’s question about his judgment of Kravitz, Ice-T straightforwardly stated, “It’s strange to me… I really enjoy sexual activity. A lot.”

Lenny Kravitz, at the age of 60, is a perfect example of someone who defies the notion of aging. Have you seen him lately? He looks incredibly fit and youthful. It goes to show that perhaps closing up shop and focusing on oneself can have remarkable effects.

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In an interview with The Guardian, Lenny Kravitz was asked if he truly intended to remain celibate until he found the right woman, considering he hadn’t been romantically involved with anyone for nine years.

“Yes, it’s a spiritual thing,” he responded, expressing his desire to be in a relationship at the moment. However, he admits that he is uncertain if he is truly ready for one as he has grown accustomed to his current lifestyle.

Working out in leather pants, flashing Jennifer Coolidge, and refusing to bend to the laws of time and physics are all part of a full-time schedule. With such a busy lifestyle, who has time for a relationship?

Then again, they could choose to follow in the footsteps of Bennifer and reignite their relationship after 30 years. Despite the passage of time, both of them have experienced personal growth while managing to maintain their youthful appearances.

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