Harlem shooting leads to arrest of son of music legend Cyndi Lauper

The son of music legend Cyndi Lauper, a rapper, was taken into custody on Wednesday night following a shooting incident in Harlem.

During the evidence search, police officers found 26-year-old Declyn “Dex” Lauper in possession of a loaded gun nearby.

Lauper faced charges for possessing a weapon and a controlled substance.

The shooting incident did not result in any charges against him, and the investigation into the matter is still ongoing.

The individual who was shot is also facing charges for criminal possession of a weapon. They are currently in stable condition at Mount Sinai Morningside.

Cyndi Lauper is the sole son of the renowned Grammy-winning artist and actor, David Thornton.

In 2022, he faced consequences for disorderly conduct when authorities apprehended him in a stolen Mercedes. However, he managed to avoid jail time by entering into a plea agreement.

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