Haley barely allowed Trump to ignore her, and he lasted only a day

Donald Trump went through a full 24 hours without mentioning Nikki Haley by name. He completely ignored her during his freewheeling address at the Conservative Political Action Conference and even after winning the primary in South Carolina.

The campaign stated that they were shifting their attention to the general election, signaling a new phase. When questioned about Haley’s absence, one aide jokingly responded, “Who?”

By Sunday, the strategic restraint had vanished.

The candidate did not display a magnanimous attitude, seeking to mend the intraparty fracture that was evident in the exit polls of the early electoral contests. Rather, the candidate had no intention of shifting focus towards criticizing President Joe Biden.

Former President Trump actively worsened divisions within the GOP during the general election, despite warnings about the potential alienation of Republican voters. Even though Haley and her supporters played a crucial role in delivering a significant portion of the vote in key states like New Hampshire and South Carolina, Trump did not make any efforts to reach out to them. This is surprising considering that he would need their support in crucial swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania in the upcoming November election. It is unclear why Trump chose not to make any overtures towards Haley and her supporters, or if he was simply incapable of doing so, despite giving the impression that he might.

According to Christine Matthews, a Republican pollster and president of Bellwether Research and Consulting, around 20 percent of respondents in the exit polls from the three early states indicated that they will not be voting for Trump. This suggests that in order for Trump to succeed, he would need to secure the support of approximately 85 to 90 percent of his base. Matthews also highlights the potential challenges Trump may face in consolidating his support among well-educated, suburban Republicans.

On Saturday, there was a fleeting moment when it seemed like Trump had discovered a new source of unwavering dedication.

“I have never seen a spirit quite like this,” remarked Trump during an event in South Carolina. “The Republican Party has never been so unified.”

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As the primary unfolds, it may be unrealistic to expect unity to prevail. Donald Trump went as far as questioning the whereabouts of Nikki Haley’s deployed husband, while his advisors described her as a “wailing loser” who refuses to accept the reality of her impending political demise.

While it may seem that the real conclusion of this primary will be marked by Trump’s relaxation towards his current and former rivals, we haven’t reached that point yet. By continuing to focus on Haley, he runs the risk of further dividing the party before the November elections.

Stutzman, who is currently advising a political action committee formed to support a potential third-party No Labels ticket in November, expressed his hope that Trump’s use of invectives may actually turn some voters off.

Throughout his political career, Trump has consistently employed a no-holds-barred approach to campaigns. From the very beginning of the 2016 primary, he has unabashedly mocked and belittled his opponents. Even when Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis withdrew from the race and pledged his support to Trump, the Trump team continued to launch scathing attacks against him. One of Trump’s senior advisers, Chris LaCivita, took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to criticize DeSantis, saying, “Chicken fingers and pudding cups is what you will be remembered for, you sad little man.” This came in response to reports suggesting that DeSantis had blamed top Trump adviser Susie Wiles, along with other former employees now working for Trump, for the negative attacks he faced during the primary.

Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung wrote on X that Haley would go to great lengths to please others, even going so far as to “drop down to kiss a— when she quits.”

David Urban, a Trump campaign adviser in 2016 and 2020, expressed his belief that President Trump will continue to fight until the end. Urban remarked, “He’s not gonna stop because she’s still in the ring, she’s still in the fight. He’s not going to lift his foot off the gas pedal until the checkered flag comes down and he’s the nominee.” This statement highlights Trump’s determination and relentless pursuit of victory.

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Trump allies are stating that his team is merely responding to the attacks being hurled their way, and it would be strange to expect them to passively accept it. There is little concern among operatives in Trump’s circles. The prevailing sentiment is that the party, including Haley’s supporters, will unite behind the former president once his nomination becomes inevitable, just as Republicans did when faced with worse factionalism eight years ago. They are confident in their ability to criticize their GOP rivals and President Joe Biden while dismissing the notion that Trump would respond to his critics in any way other than with a counterpunch.

They are confident that the party will rally behind Trump, citing general election polls that currently show Trump beating Biden in many instances.

“We have the ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously,” Cheung declared confidently in a recent statement. “We can definitely prioritize our attention on Biden while also keeping a close eye on Nikki. It won’t be an issue for us. Once Trump is officially nominated, the party will come together and rally behind him without a doubt.”

According to aides, Trump does not see Haley as a threat. However, her continued presence in the primary has come as a surprise to him and his allies. They had expected her to exit the race earlier and some believe she is only staying in to increase her visibility.

According to Andy Surabian, a GOP consultant and adviser to Donald Trump Jr., Nikki’s decision to remain in the race serves two purposes. Firstly, she is clearly attempting to undermine Trump and assist Biden in the upcoming general election. However, Surabian points out that Trump is currently leading Biden in most polls, indicating that he has already gained the support of the majority of Nikki’s voters.

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According to him, another reason for her actions is to secure her future after leaving politics. He believes she is aware that her political career has come to an end and is now attempting to gain favor with anti-Trump donors. Her goal is to obtain corporate board positions and well-paying speaking engagements. However, it is evident that she will never be a prominent figure in the GOP at a national level.

However, Trump’s style does not involve offering an olive branch, even if he believes that the primary is over.

According to Jason Roe, a Republican strategist, President Trump does not believe in mending fences with others. He expects people to show deference to him, and if they don’t, things can turn sour.

Roe described the reaction from Trump’s circle as “a bit excessive.” However, he expressed skepticism that it would have long-term implications for Trump in the general election. “When it comes to Trump, conventional wisdom goes out the window,” he remarked. “While this may not be the ideal strategy for most politicians, it appears to be effective for Trump.”

An interesting case to consider is what transpired between Trump and his former primary competitor, Vivek Ramaswamy. Following a verbal attack on Ramaswamy during the Iowa campaign, the biotech entrepreneur surprisingly decided to endorse Trump. As a result, he is now being considered as a potential running mate for Trump in the vice presidential position.

During an interview, Ramaswamy, who is currently serving as a surrogate for the Trump campaign, expressed his belief that the former president had the right focus on the general election.

According to Ramaswamy, Nikki Haley has been irrelevant for quite some time now, particularly after the first two early voting states. Ramaswamy believes that it is crucial for Trump and everyone else to prioritize the general election. Trump has already adopted this approach, which Ramaswamy considers to be the right strategy.

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