GOP wants Biden to appear at the April impeachment hearing while the White House blasts the probe

House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer extended a formal invitation to President Joe Biden on Thursday, requesting his testimony before the panel. This invitation comes in the context of a Republican-led impeachment inquiry, which aims to investigate allegations against Biden regarding his alleged involvement in and financial gains from his family’s foreign business dealings. It is important to note that Biden has vehemently denied these allegations.

According to a letter from Comer, the committee has proposed April 16 for the hearing. In a statement, Comer mentioned that the White House has shown hostility towards the Committee’s investigation.

The impeachment probe, initiated solely by former Speaker Kevin McCarthy and later officially endorsed by the House in a partisan vote, has not yet produced any concrete evidence against the president.

Comer, in his statement on Thursday, argued that there exists a significant disparity between what Biden has publicly stated and the committee’s actual progress.

Chairman Comer, in his capacity as the committee’s chair, not only asks for your response to the inquiries presented in this letter but also extends an invitation for you to attend a public hearing. This hearing will provide you with the chance to provide, under oath, a detailed account of your association with your family’s income sources and the methods employed to generate it.

In his own statement, Speaker Mike Johnson emphasized the need for the President to address the significant unanswered questions that have arisen from our inquiry.

In the conclusion of the latest impeachment hearing, the oversight chairman, a Republican from Kentucky, expressed his intention to request Biden’s testimony.

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During the aforementioned hearing, which took place earlier this month, House Republicans brought forward long-standing accusations of impropriety within the Biden family. Meanwhile, Democrats aimed to portray the investigation as a politically motivated attack.

According to Comer, the Bidens are in the business of selling Joe Biden.

In response to the hearing, Rep. Jamie Raskin, the leading Democrat on the committee, strongly countered, stating, “Hopefully, today signifies the conclusion of what can only be described as an extraordinary failure in the realm of congressional investigations: the attempt to uncover a significant crime or wrongdoing committed by Joe Biden and subsequently impeach him for it.”

When asked to comment on Comer’s letter, the White House referred back to previous statements made by their spokesperson, Ian Sams. Sams has consistently criticized the impeachment proceedings.

Last week, Sams expressed his disappointment with what he viewed as a desperate political maneuver, calling it a sorrowful spectacle that marked the conclusion of an unsuccessful impeachment effort.

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