GOP governor asserts Tennessee National Guard deployment to southern border due to Biden admin’s ‘failure to act.’

Tennessee has decided to send National Guard members to the southern border. This move comes as Republican governors show their support for Texas in its ongoing dispute with the Biden administration regarding immigration enforcement.

Governor Bill Lee recently visited the southern border in Eagle Pass, Texas. During his visit, he took the time to meet with the Tennessee National Guard members at the Millington Tennessee Army National Guard Armory. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss their upcoming voluntary deployment and show his support for their important mission.

Tennessee Governor expressed his viewpoint on the current border crisis in America. He shared his admiration for Tennessee’s proactive approach in leading the way during these challenging times. In a recent post on X, he stated, “Today, I had the privilege of joining the Tennessee National Guard members, who have voluntarily stepped up to deploy and ensure the security of our Southern border. It is disheartening to witness the lack of action from the federal government.”

A team of 50 members will be deployed initially, and their mission will extend until March. Another group will replace them in the spring. The exact destination of their deployment remains uncertain.

Governor Bill Lee convened with Tennessee National Guard personnel at the Millington armory over the weekend.

In a display of solidarity, Lee joined forces with Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Louisiana Governor Jeff Landry, and other Republican leaders during his visit to Eagle Pass. The purpose of their gathering was to demonstrate their unwavering support for Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

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Governor Lee expressed that the National Guard members have voluntarily taken on the responsibility of securing the southern border due to the federal government’s inaction in terms of immigration enforcement.

Abbott has clashed with Biden and his administration, accusing them of not taking a strong enough stance on illegal crossings.

According to an expert, President Biden’s policies that reversed those of former President Trump have intentionally left the border unsecured, leading to a crisis. The expert argues that Biden’s actions have directly contributed to the surge of illegal immigration and the overwhelming number of migrants trying to enter the United States. The deliberate reversal of Trump’s policies has created a situation where the border is vulnerable and easily exploited by those seeking to enter the country unlawfully.

The Biden administration has faced criticism from Republicans for overturning the border policies implemented during the Trump era, which has resulted in a crisis at the southern border. This crisis has led to a significant influx of migrants crossing the border illegally on a daily basis.

In December alone, U.S. Border Patrol reported an unprecedented number of over 300,000 encounters, marking a new all-time record.

The Biden administration, in response to the crisis, has been attempting to shift the responsibility onto Republicans. They argue that the current system is flawed and requires substantial funding as well as comprehensive immigration reform.

Both Biden and former President Trump, who is currently the frontrunner for the Republican presidential nomination, paid separate visits to the southern border in Texas on Thursday. This comes as immigration continues to be a major concern for voters across the country.

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