Georgia’s Trump/Biden race hinges on independent voters’ decision, despite conviction

Former President Donald Trump’s conviction in New York raises concerns about its potential impact on the 2024 election.

President Joe Biden and Trump are set to engage in a highly anticipated debate in Atlanta next month, marking the first presidential debate of the race.

According to political analyst Bill Crane, the outcome of November’s presidential election will ultimately hinge on the support of independent voters, regardless of whether or not Trump is convicted.

According to Crane, independent and nonaligned libertarian voters in the center have consistently expressed their concerns about felony convictions for months. Although the exact number of these voters is unknown, it is likely that some of them will withdraw their support for Donald Trump.

According to Crane, the conviction on Thursday provides Democrats with additional ammunition against Trump.

In Democratic Party circles, there is a sense of celebration and even some dancing. However, it is important to note that even if he is convicted on appeal, he can still run for president. This development does not significantly alter the dynamics of the election, except that it provides the Democrats with 34 felony convictions to use against President Trump, as noted by Crane.

However, Republicans are also leveraging the conviction to energize their supporters.

“They claim to have raised $65 million in new contributions to the RNC and his campaign in the month of March. Additionally, they assert that Joe Biden and his campaign are weaponizing the judicial system, specifically in this case, New York State, against a former president,” Crane explained.

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Regardless of the outcome, the trial will undoubtedly invigorate both sides.

According to Crane, the upcoming election is centered around party bases, which will likely only serve to energize the most extreme factions of each party. As a result, many voters in the center will be left with an unappealing choice between two sides that they find untenable.

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