Gaza fights back against Israel after months of violence

On May 26th, the armed wing of Hamas, the Palestinian militia governing Gaza, launched a counterattack against Israel in response to prolonged bombing by the Israeli military.

Tel Aviv, the home of Israel’s Defense Ministry and numerous foreign embassies, was alarmed by the sound of sirens as rockets were launched. This marked the first time since January that such a situation occurred. The Palestinians are standing up to protect themselves amidst Israel’s ongoing conflict, which has tragically claimed the lives of nearly 36,000 individuals, primarily women and children, in the occupied Palestinian enclave.

Hamas has shared videos on Telegram showing the rockets causing explosions near Tel Aviv. The exact number of rockets fired or intercepted by Israel’s military remains unclear.

Hamas emphasized that a permanent ceasefire requires an end to Israel’s military campaign in Gaza as a whole, rather than just in Rafah.

According to Hamas officials, this statement serves as the foundation and initial step for everything.

Hamas denounced Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, accusing him of being responsible for the deaths of the hostages and showing no concern for their well-being or the families affected. They referred to the hostages as prisoners, highlighting the gravity of the situation.

According to Hamas officials, the aggressor continues to employ tactics such as twisting, turning, dodging, and feigning interest in order to prolong the conflict. They emphasize the urgency of the situation, stating that time is quickly running out.

According to a statement by the IDF, rockets were launched from Rafah towards central Israel, coinciding with the entry of humanity arian aid.

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