Fundraising Efforts Result in $70,000 for Memorial Statue Honoring Brave Boy Who Saved Classmates in Shooting

In 2022, the family of Kendrick Castillo, devastated by the loss of their son, established the Kendrick Castillo Memorial Fund and Oversight Committee. They aim to construct a memorial in his honor, in collaboration with local government and community organizations. The memorial will be situated close to the school and the library where Kendrick and his friends frequently studied. Originally, the goal was to raise $30,000, but astonishingly, they have already surpassed $70,000 and the donations continue to pour in.

“I’ve always believed that I can sense Kendrick’s presence in the wind,” expressed Kendrick’s father, John, as he spoke at the unveiling of the memorial. The event took place outdoors on a day with strong gusts of wind. “And today is no exception,” he added.

Their objective is not only to establish a memorial but also to rename a nearby road. Instead of retaining the name Lucent Boulevard, the road will bear the name Kendrick Castillo Way. Additionally, any remaining funds, after fulfilling these two goals and maintaining the memorial, will be allocated to a scholarship fund in honor of Kendrick.

John and his wife make a daily pilgrimage to Kendrick’s grave, finding solace in the fact that a memorial has been erected in his honor. It brings them comfort to know that his bravery will be remembered by others as well.

John reflects on the powerful lesson Kendrick taught that day, when he bravely stood up and made a commitment to create change. John emphasizes the significance of this act, stating, “It stops with me, I’m going to make a difference.” He believes that in our society, there is great value in moments when individuals, whether enjoying a meal at Chick-fil-A or facing a difficult day at work, pause and recognize the ultimate sacrifice someone has made.

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