Former White House aide claims that Trump was deeply disturbed by Melania’s absence during the trial

Donald Trump is reportedly upset that his wife, Melania Trump, has chosen not to attend his ongoing criminal trial in New York. While other family members have shown their support for the former president by being present at the trial, Melania’s absence has left Trump feeling bothered, according to his former press secretary.

Stephanie Grisham, the former White House Press Secretary from 2019 to 2021, expressed to CNN that the former president was genuinely bothered by a reporter’s persistent inquiries regarding Melania’s whereabouts.

According to Grisham, it is clear that the absence of Mrs. Trump at an event would indeed bother the President. He would not hesitate to address the issue with her if her absence was noted and brought to his attention.

Melania has stepped out of the limelight since the Trumps exited office in 2020. However, in recent months, she has made appearances alongside the former president as he vies for the Republican nomination in 2024, primarily at their Mar-a-Lago estate. Notably, she has been absent from his ongoing trial, which revolves around alleged hush money payments to Stormy Daniels. These payments were purportedly made to conceal an affair between Daniels and Trump, which took place shortly after Melania gave birth to their son, Barron.

Reporters in the courthouse hallways ask Trump every day, “Where’s Melania?” However, the former president consistently ignores the question.

According to Grisham, Trump was not happy when Melania would skip events during his presidency. Therefore, her absence from the trial is likely to bother him a lot. Grisham stated, “In this context, it’s definitely really bothering him.”

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Trump has garnered support from prominent Republican leaders including Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert, and former presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy, all of whom have expressed their solidarity outside the New York City courthouse. While he has been accompanied by his family members, Melania has not been by his side.

White House Press Secretary, Stephanie Grisham, expressed her disbelief at the possibility of the unnamed person making an appearance. Grisham firmly believed that it was highly unlikely for this individual to show up, as they would perceive it as a sign of surrender or weakness.

Ivanka, the daughter who has distanced herself from politics after leaving her position as an advisor in her father’s White House, has also been noticeably absent during the trial.

According to Grisham, Melania and Ivanka may be more concerned about how they appear to the public rather than genuinely supporting the current situation. Grisham questions the timing of their potential appearance, suggesting that it might only fuel further speculation and controversy.

According to Grisham, it is understandable that Ivanka is not present at the trial. It is likely that she wants to protect her children from being exposed to the proceedings.

According to a source familiar with the matter, Ivanka and Jared might make an appearance during the trial before the jury reaches a verdict, which could potentially happen today. However, this information has not been officially confirmed.

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