Former LGBTQ+ Commissioner in Kansas City Calls for Chiefs to Address Harrison Butker Situation

Harrison Butker’s divisive views have caused a significant rift in Kansas City, with many residents coming together in opposition. However, it is imperative that the Chiefs take a stance and publicly disassociate themselves from their kicker’s controversial beliefs. This is the opinion of a well-known leader within the city.

Former LGBTQ+ commissioner Justice Horn expressed his thoughts on HB’s commencement speech during an interview on “TMZ Live.” According to Horn, the citizens of the city are largely united in challenging HB’s views.

Horn believes that the views expressed by Harrison regarding women and the LGBTQ+ community do not align with mainstream discourse and, in his opinion, should not be.

Horn expresses his dissatisfaction with Harrison’s opinions, but he refrains from advocating for the league to suspend him. Instead, he praises the NFL for its strong statement regarding Butker and urges the Chiefs to follow suit.

During his speech last weekend to Benedictine College grads, ICYMI, Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker referred to Pride month as a “deadly sin.”


The NFL has made it clear that Harrison’s comments were made in a personal capacity and not as a representative of the league. As for the Chiefs, they have yet to make any public statements on the matter.

JH emphasizes the importance of clarifying the team’s values, highlighting the presence of a prominent “End Racism” stencil in the end zone. However, it is equally important for the team to demonstrate an equally strong commitment to the LGBTQ+ community.

During our conversation, we also inquired with Horn regarding Whoopi Goldberg’s support for Harrison’s freedom to express his opinions, drawing a parallel to Colin Kaepernick’s protest. Horn’s response revealed that he perceives this as a comparison between two completely different scenarios.

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