FBI Arrests People Accused of Part of Texas Border Militia’s Sniper Plot to Stop Migration and Kill Federal Agents

According to court documents, it has been revealed that one of the individuals had also made a phone call to the office of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. In the message, they expressed their intention to take matters into their own hands if the border was not properly secured. The content of the message was summarized during a recorded phone conversation on October 3, 2022, as reported by the Texas Tribune.

The FBI has arrested three individuals – Bryan C. Perry, 38; Jonathan S. O’Dell, 33; and Paul Faye, 55 – for their involvement in an alleged plot. The plot was organized in 2022 and was intended to be executed in October 2023. Paul Faye, a resident of Tennessee, was apprehended on Monday and is facing charges for possessing an unregistered firearm silencer.

According to CNN News, Paul Faye was arrested by The Tennessean on Monday, February 5. This arrest comes amidst an ongoing dispute between Texas and federal authorities regarding the management of the migrant crisis, jurisdiction ownership along certain parts of the US-Mexico border, and a heavily debated border bill on Capitol Hill.

Faye has a preliminary and detention hearing scheduled for February 12.

According to the FBI complaint, Perry maintained frequent communication with Faye, who expressed a strong interest in joining Perry and another individual on a journey to the border with intentions of engaging in violent activities.

Perry and O’Dell face allegations of attempting to take the lives of seven federal agents. When FBI agents arrived at O’Dell’s residence in Missouri to execute a search warrant, Perry opened fire, discharging approximately 11 rounds. The two individuals, hailing from Tennessee, were apprehended in late 2022 and subsequently indicted in the previous year on various charges, including conspiracy to commit murder, assault, and attempted murder of federal officers, as stated in the indictments filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri.

Authorities discovered a collection of six firearms, over 20 magazines, approximately 1,770 rounds of ammunition, and various other equipment at O’Dell’s residence following their arrests.

Ready For War

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In the criminal complaint, it is stated that Perry and O’Dell had extensive grievances with the government and made attempts to recruit individuals for their militia. They even went as far as sharing maps of government buildings, including the Capitol. In August 2022, Perry and O’Dell reached an agreement to confront the border patrol. Perry openly expressed his intention to initiate a war during a conversation with a woman he tried to recruit on TikTok and Instagram.

Tyler Perry expressed his belief that violence may be necessary to make people realize the gravity of a situation. He made this statement during a phone conversation with an undercover federal agent. Perry emphasized his intention to bring a rifle and warned that anyone who approached him would face life-threatening consequences.

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Perry claimed that Border Patrol agents were involved in treasonous activities by permitting a continuous influx of migrants across the border.

The exact location on the Texas-Mexico border where the men planned to carry out their murderous schemes is not specified in the complaints. However, according to Faye’s criminal complaint filed on Feb. 2, he had been in communication with an individual from North Carolina who had been to Eagle Pass with a militia group called NC Patriot Party. This person had plans to return to the border on Jan. 20.

The Texas Tribune reached out to the lawyers representing the three men, but they did not provide any comment in response.

Perry and O’Dell have entered pleas of not guilty. The complaint states that in September 2022, authorities received an anonymous tip regarding Perry’s threats to attack the federal government.

Perry reached out to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Before Perry’s arrest, he informed an FBI source that he had reached out to Abbott.

According to the criminal complaint, Perry stated, “I basically told him, I said look, we’ve uh – I am a co-founder of a militia out here in Tennessee and Missouri. Um, you know we’ve-we’ve been watching the news. We know that you all (sic) watching people come across the border that are trafficking drugs.”

“We can no longer accept the current state of the border. If you are unable to address and secure it, we will have no choice but to take matters into our own hands.”

The Texas Tribune reported that Abbott’s office did not respond immediately to a request for comment. Faye’s arrest occurred just one day after Abbott hosted Republican governors from different states in Eagle Pass. During the gathering, Abbott reiterated his commitment to border security tactics, which he believes are crucial in protecting the state from what he perceives as an “invasion” of migrants.

On Thursday, another press conference is scheduled to be hosted by Abbott in Eagle Pass, this time accompanied by Texas Republican lawmakers.

Faye expressed his belief that the government was preparing to confront its own citizens. He specifically believed that the federal government was permitting illegal immigrants to enter the United States to assist them.

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Unregistered Silencer

In January, Faye handed over an unregistered silencer to a federal agent as they were getting ready to travel to the southern border, as per a statement from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Middle District of Tennessee.

Law enforcement officials conducted a search of Faye’s property in Cunningham, Tennessee after his arrest. During the search, they discovered a collection of firearms, including a silencer, along with explosive targets and a substantial amount of ammunition.

Governor Abbott has consistently portrayed the significant increase in migrants, many of whom are seeking political asylum, at the Texas-Mexico border as an invasion.

In a recent fundraising email, this harsh depiction became the focal point of his campaign.

Legal representatives from the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton have also presented an argument asserting that Texas is facing an invasion from “transnational cartels.” However, District Judge David Ezra dismissed Texas’ argument and expressed his astonishment, stating that such a claim is truly remarkable.

Stop Inciting Violence

It is essential to put an end to inciting violence. The promotion of violence only leads to further harm and destruction. Instead, we should focus on promoting peace and unity among individuals and communities. By encouraging non-violent solutions and fostering understanding, we can create a safer and more harmonious society for everyone. Let us work together to break the cycle of violence and build a world where empathy and compassion prevail.

Despite being urged to refrain from using rhetoric that may fuel violence against immigrants, Republican leaders, including Abbott, persist in using the phrase that portrays migrants as invaders. In August 2019, a gunman embarked on a 700-mile drive from Allen to El Paso, resulting in the tragic loss of 23 lives and leaving 22 others wounded at a Walmart. The perpetrator, identified as a white nationalist, specifically targeted Hispanics based on their immigration status.

In January, Abbott faced significant backlash for his statement that Texas has employed all available measures to manage the border, except for instructing officers to shoot migrants.

During a radio interview with Dana Loesch, a former editor at Breitbart News and spokesperson for the National Rifle Association, Governor Abbott mentioned that the only action they are refraining from taking at the border is shooting people who cross over. He humorously added that the Biden administration would charge them with murder if they did so.

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