Father teaches daughter’s bullying victim a lesson by taking her on a shopping trip

Bullying poses a significant problem in today’s society. As reported by DoSomething.org, a distressing statistic reveals that 1 in 5 students between the ages of 12 and 18 experience bullying during the school year. Shockingly, an estimated 160,000 teenagers have resorted to skipping school due to this harmful behavior.

When Randy Smalls, a resident of South Carolina, found out that his teenage daughter was mocking a classmate because of her clothes and makeup, he immediately took decisive measures.

Upon hearing about Ryan Reese, a seventh-grader at Berkeley Middle School who had been bullied, Smalls was immediately filled with empathy. Drawing from his own experiences of being bullied in his youth, he decided to take action. Without hesitation, he used the money that was originally intended for his daughter and embarked on a shopping spree with Ryan, ensuring that he had new clothes and a complete makeover.

Smalls’ wife and Ryan’s mother, Richauna Reese, are close friends. However, both families were unaware of the bullying situation until recently. After speaking to Ryan, they decided to have a phone conversation. During the call, Smalls expressed his desire to take Ryan shopping for new clothes and treat him to a makeover at the beauty salon.

“My daughter was really upset, especially since she’s really into fashion,” he shared. “So, she joined us and actively participated in selecting Ryan’s trendy new wardrobe.”

During his daughter’s church visit, Smalls accompanied Ryan to the beauty salon and generously covered the cost of his bi-monthly appointments until the year’s end.

Local salons have stepped up and offered to maintain Ryan’s stylish look for the next few months after learning about his admirable gesture.

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According to Richauna, Ryan’s mother, her daughter was facing difficulties following the recent passing of her father, grandfather, and aunt. These losses, along with the stress they caused, led to non-epileptic seizures.

The shopping trip had a tremendous impact on Ryan’s well-being. “I was taken by surprise. I couldn’t help but cry. The bullying had made me really sad, especially since I had already been dealing with the loss of my grandpa, father, and aunt. It pushed me further into my depression,” Ryan shared.

Richauna commented that this was the first instance where she witnessed a parent taking such a strong stand against bullying.

Smalls said he was amazed by the overwhelming response, and he mentioned that it had a positive impact on his daughter, making her realize her mistake.

“I didn’t anticipate this becoming so popular, but I’m pleased if other parents can benefit from it,” Smalls expressed. “My daughter has certainly learned a valuable lesson.”

Smalls emphasized the importance of parental responsibility in shaping children’s behavior during an interview on ABC’s “Strahan, Sara, and Keke.” He acknowledged that while parents can teach their children the right values, there may be instances when children can be influenced by their peers. Smalls stressed the need for parents to take immediate action and assume their role as parents rather than just trying to be their children’s friends.

And it seems like the duo have formed a better bond through this experience. According to Richauna, “They’re cool now.”

Check out this adorable YouTube video where two young girls break down the story.

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Father Treats Girl To Shopping Spree Who Was Bullied By His Daughter

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