Father Confirms Son Found Dead in Kansas City Yard With 2 Friends Had Cocaine, Fentanyl in System

According to a recent report, the father of one of the three friends from Kansas City who were found dead in a classmate’s backyard has confirmed that his son tested positive for cocaine and fentanyl.

During an interview with People, Jon Harrington, the father of David Harrington, revealed that the Kansas City Police Department (KCPD) informed him about the findings of his son’s toxicology report. The report indicated the presence of both cocaine and fentanyl in David’s system at the time of his death.

Jon is left with even more questions as the results have been delivered.

“I think he wanted to get drunk,” Jon revealed in an interview with People. “And at his age, I can’t really blame him. I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to. However, I don’t believe the drugs played a part in his death. I’m not saying that’s what they found in his system, but we still don’t know how they got there.”

According to a spokesperson for the Kansas City Police Department, the investigation into the deaths of the three friends who were found dead in a classmate’s yard is still ongoing.

The case is currently being investigated as a death investigation, but the police have confirmed that they are maintaining communication with the Platte County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (PCPAO).

In a conversation with People, Jon expressed his consideration of pursuing legal action, regardless of the investigation’s outcome.

Jon stated that it is highly likely that a private investigator will be involved in the forthcoming wrongful death lawsuit.

According to Jon, he hasn’t had any communication with KCPD officers for the past month.

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Jon expressed uncertainty about what to anticipate at this stage.

The spokesperson also mentioned that they did not observe any clear signs of foul play at or near the crime scene.

According to the spokesperson, the resident of the home was alive and was “cooperative with detectives on the day the deceased were discovered.”

Jordan Willis, the man who rented the home, vacated the property several weeks ago.

According to attorney John Picerno, Jordan is not responsible for the tragic deaths of his friends. Picerno expressed his sympathy and extended thoughts and prayers to the grieving families.

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