Executor of O.J. Simpson’s Estate Extends Invitation to Goldman and Brown Families for Probate Meeting

The executor of O.J. Simpson’s estate is open to discussing financial matters with the individuals to whom Simpson owed large sums of money. However, it is important to note that no guarantees can be made regarding the exact amount the estate will be able to pay them. This information was revealed exclusively to TMZ.

Malcolm LaVergne, the longtime lawyer for O.J. Simpson who is now serving as the executor of his estate, recently reached out to the lawyers representing the Brown and Goldman families. In a letter dated April 25, LaVergne addressed the civil judgments that the families have against Simpson and extended an invitation for a meeting this month to discuss their probate claims against the estate.

LaVergne has expressed his intention to discuss several matters with the families of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman. These include O.J.’s living revocable trust, his last two years of federal tax returns, federal tax liens, the cash and jewelry that LaVergne retrieved from O.J.’s house after his passing, and the videos he recorded of Simpson’s residence.

LaVergne aims to maintain transparency with the families regarding the probate process, without giving any specific priority to the 1997 judgment against O.J.

According to Nevada probate law, all claims against the estate must be addressed, as he points out.


There are two active judgments in Nevada, one for Ron’s dad and one for his mom Sharon. However, there is no evidence of an active judgment from Nicole Brown Simpson’s estate, according to him.

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He expresses his willingness to consider any evidence of its existence, but emphasizes that he has no intention of complying with a judgment that is no longer in effect.

LaVergne expressed his hope to schedule the meeting on or before May 10. However, he emphasized that any day in May would be suitable as long as all parties can attend.

After O.J. Simpson’s death, there was a surprising turn of events regarding the Goldmans’ potential inheritance. Initially, LaVergne had made a statement indicating that the Goldmans would not receive anything. However, he later retracted his statement, clarifying that he would adhere to the specific guidelines outlined in Nevada’s probate law.

In the late ’90s, Simpson was found liable for the deaths of the Goldmans and Browns in a civil trial. He was ordered to pay $33.5 million to the families. However, over time, the amount has reportedly inflated into the nine figures due to accumulated interest.


The Simpson estate’s exact amount to be paid is uncertain, as LaVergne, O.J.’s attorney, was not clear about it during our conversation on “TMZ Live.” However, he did mention that O.J. does not possess millions.

If that is indeed the case, this meeting has the potential to become quite intense.

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