Eric Church Takes a Risky Approach with Controversial Stagecoach Performance

Eric Church is determined to deliver an electrifying Stagecoach set that is filled with spiritual energy. Despite some mixed reviews from attendees who were expecting more, Church remains committed to his performance.

Eric has responded to the criticism by defending his appearance at the renowned music festival. He referred to it as the “most difficult set” of his career. Eric explained that he wanted to take a risk by presenting an unexpected lineup.

During the festival, EC treated the audience to a soul-stirring performance of hymns and gospel covers. It was a sight to behold as festivalgoers felt compelled to leave and head over to Nickelback’s set on another stage. Throughout the show, EC remained seated, accompanied only by his guitar and a captivating choir. The simplicity of the set-up allowed the focus to be on the powerful music being created.

“I’ve always discovered that returning to the roots, to the music that Bob Seger , Springsteen , and Willie Nelson love, allows us to reconnect with the purest essence of it all,” he explained. “Unfortunately, we don’t do that as often anymore. It felt incredibly satisfying to bring back that purity in this moment, with the accompaniment of a choir.”

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Fans were not moved by Eric’s 16-person choir and church-inspired decor at Stagecoach. Many criticized the set as odd and out of place. However, Eric clarified that this was his intention all along and he stands by it.


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He expressed his ongoing fascination with records and performances, stating, “I have always been inclined towards pushing boundaries and embracing the unconventional. Taking risks and venturing into unfamiliar territories has been my modus operandi.” He acknowledged that not all experiments yield the desired results, but emphasized the importance of living on the cutting edge. He believed that this edgy and innovative approach attracts new talents and paves the way for groundbreaking advancements in the industry.

In the 2019 CMA Fest, Eric pulled off a similar stunt by performing a 17-song acoustic medley.

Those who stayed for Eric’s entire Stagecoach set were eventually rewarded with his popular hits, such as “Country Music Jesus” and “Springsteen.” It’s worth noting that some attendees thoroughly enjoyed his performance.


It will be intriguing to see if Eric is invited to headline Stagecoach for a sixth time next year, considering the backlash he has received this time around. It seems that people are not appreciating his recent work.

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