Eric Adams, NYC’s rat-hating mayor, is once again criticized for rats on his Brooklyn property

New York City’s mayor, who has a strong aversion to rats, has once again received a citation for a rat infestation at his property in Brooklyn.

Mayor Eric Adams received a ticket from a city health inspector on May 16 for a violation found at one of his properties in the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood. The inspector discovered fresh rat droppings and a rat burrow near the front left base of the property’s staircase.

According to the Daily News, Adams has received his fifth rodent violation since taking office as mayor in January 2022.

The ticket can be contested on July 7 before an officer from the Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings.

According to Liz Garcia, a spokesperson for Adams, the mayor takes pride in maintaining the cleanliness of his property. Upon reviewing the summons, he will adhere to all standard procedures.

Adams, a Democrat, often expresses his disdain for rats, stating, “I despise those creatures!” On one occasion, he even attempted to demonstrate his hatred by showcasing a contraption that submerged them in a container filled with corrosive liquid.

Last year, the city appointed its first “rat czar” after advertising for applicants who were willing to undertake the task of exterminating the pests on a large scale.

Adams, currently residing in Gracie Mansion, the official residence of the mayor, contested the rat tickets he had received at his Brooklyn property.

The mayor settled the fourth case by paying $300, while three others were dismissed. During the hearing, Adams claimed to have spent $7,000 on rat mitigation at the property.

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