Eldon couple faces drug trafficking charges following task force raid

Two Eldon residents found themselves in hot water when they were apprehended and accused of drug trafficking following a police raid.

Members of the Mid-Missouri Drug Task Force and Eldon Police Department executed a narcotics search warrant on March 11th, at a residence located in the 400 block of West 6th Street. According to court documents, the warrant was served at 9:51 pm.

Joseph Cary and Olivia Horseman were discovered by investigators inside the residence, accompanied by two children.

During the investigation, authorities discovered two needles in one of the bathrooms. To their concern, one of the needles was uncapped and contained a liquid substance that tested positive for fentanyl.

During the investigation, law enforcement officials discovered an additional syringe containing methamphetamine in a bedroom.

Investigators have reported finding a black bag in the toilet that contained 13 Clonazepam pills and 2.2 grams of a substance that tested positive for methamphetamine.

Upon searching the premises, authorities discovered a variety of illicit substances, including 3.8 grams of mushrooms, as well as multiple scales and drug paraphernalia.

Cary and Horseman faced charges of Second-Degree Drug Trafficking, three counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance, and two counts of First-Degree Endangering the Welfare of a Child, according to the prosecutors.

They were both transported to the Miller County Jail, where they were detained with bonds set at $250,000 each.

During the process of her arrest and booking into the jail, Horseman voluntarily handed over a tinfoil wrapper to the officers, claiming that it contained heroin.

She posted bond and was released on March 13.

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The arraignment for Horseman was set for May 15th.

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