Driver denies Trump attempted to grab the wheel on Jan. 6 in recently disclosed testimony

The driver of former President Trump’s car on January 6th has contradicted the bombshell testimony claiming that he attempted to seize control of the vehicle. However, the witness did confirm that the former president was determined to stand alongside his supporters at the Capitol.

The House Republicans’ report, which downplays Trump’s involvement in the events of that day, includes specific details that challenge the testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, a key witness before the now-disbanded Jan. 6 committee.

According to Hutchinson, she was informed by others that Trump had made a sudden move towards the steering wheel after his speech near the White House, as if he wanted to steer towards the Capitol.

According to the committee’s investigators, the driver, who remains unnamed, stated that President Trump never made any attempt to grab the steering wheel or try to get into the front seat.

The House Committee of Administration’s subcommittee, responsible for drafting the report, has been requested by The Hill to release the full transcript with the driver. However, the subcommittee has not yet made the transcript public.

According to The New York Times, a copy that was reviewed supports Hutchinson’s account of Trump’s insistence on accompanying his supporters to the Capitol. The demand was made to both the driver and Bobby Engel, the head of former President Trump’s security detail on January 6th.

According to the unnamed driver, the president was determined to go to the Capitol.

According to the transcript reviewed by the Times, the driver stated that it was evident that he wanted to go to the Capitol. He clarified that the individual was not shouting at Mr. Engel or himself. Although his voice was raised, the driver did not perceive any signs of anger or agitation. In fact, the individual appeared less irritated or agitated compared to their demeanor on the way to the Ellipse.

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The first thing that caught my attention was not his imposing figure, but rather the annoyance evident in his tone of voice.

During another instance, Trump explicitly expressed his belief that the crowd consisted of his supporters, hence eliminating any perceived threat to his own safety.

The agent testified that he couldn’t recall the exact trigger or how that part of the conversation naturally developed, but he emphasized that the individual was strongly insistent on going.

They added that what stood out the most was his continuous questioning of why they couldn’t go and his lack of concern for the people who were already there, regardless of whether they were Trump supporters or not.

During her compelling testimony before the panel in the summer of 2022, Hutchinson vividly depicted Trump’s actions as recounted by Tony Ornato, a former Secret Service agent who held the position of Trump’s deputy chief of staff during that period. Ornato shared the incident with Engel, who attentively listened without interrupting.

According to Hutchinson’s testimony, President Trump reached up towards the front of the vehicle to grab the steering wheel. However, Mr. Engel intervened and grabbed the President’s arm, instructing him to remove his hand from the steering wheel. He made it clear that they were heading back to the West Wing and not going to the Capitol. Undeterred, President Trump used his other hand to abruptly lunge towards Bobby Engel.

The Jan. 6 committee’s final report highlighted Trump’s unequivocal insistence on going to the Capitol to join his supporters as the pivotal detail.

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According to the report, there is a challenge in completely reconciling the information provided by several witnesses with what Engel and Ornato have stated.

President Trump’s strong and unwavering desire to go to the Capitol is a well-established fact. He made multiple explicit requests to be taken there, displaying his adamant and agitated demeanor. Notably, he persisted in his insistence even after returning to the White House.

Months after Hutchinson’s explosive testimony, the committee interviewed the driver, whose transcript was not included in the committee’s released records.

House Administration Republicans claim that its exclusion is an attempt to conceal information that contradicts a star witness.

The Department of Homeland Security’s general counsel received a letter requesting a review of the transcript for necessary redactions before it could be added to the record, according to the Times.

The transcript provides additional information that supports the testimony given to the committee. It reveals Trump’s frustration with then-Vice President Mike Pence and his obsession with the crowd size during his speech at the Ellipse.

According to the driver’s testimony, he recalls that the vice president was unwilling to certify the Electoral College, which upset the person speaking. Although the exact phrasing is not remembered, it is clear that there was dissatisfaction with the vice president’s decision.

The driver later mentioned that it took them probably around 30 seconds or even less to ask about the crowd sizes after getting in the car.

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