Diddy’s stepson Quincy Brown is urged to ‘come home’ to Father Al B. Sure

As Diddy deals with his ongoing legal troubles, Al B. Sure! is taking advantage of the situation to try and mend his relationship with his biological son and Diddy’s stepson, Quincy Brown.

After Diddy’s associate was arrested for drugs and federal raids occurred at Diddy’s homes, Al reached out to Quincy on Instagram. He expressed his concern and support, saying, “Come Home … The door is wide open. You’re safe here, son!”

Al also expressed his love for Quincy, but subtly took a dig at Diddy with his farewell message, saying, “I Love you, Popz, Your Biological.”

It is worth mentioning that Al made sure to include tags for his podcast and the health organization he works with. This shows that he is not one to miss an opportunity to promote himself and his work.

Some fans were skeptical about his intention to make such a public outreach and interpreted it as a subtle dig at Diddy. However, it is plausible that Al simply wants to ensure the safety of his child.


Al and the late Kim Porter welcomed Quincy into the world in 1991. However, it was Diddy who famously took on the role of raising him. This unique family dynamic left Quincy with a complex mix of emotions.

Back in 2009, he penned an open letter reprimanding Al B for his absence in his life during his upbringing. He even raised doubts about the significance of a biological connection.

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Quincy has remained silent during the ongoing federal investigations, but his brothers, Justin and King, found themselves at the center of the chaos. They were apprehended outside Diddy’s Los Angeles residence during the raid.

No crime was committed, and they were neither arrested nor charged.

In regards to Al B. Sure!’s unsuccessful family reunion, Quincy intends to address the situation openly and candidly, much like his father. He plans to have a conversation and express his thoughts later today.

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