Dak Prescott: I don’t play for money, will leave contract talks to business people

Dak Prescott is destined to receive a new contract, whether it be with the Cowboys or another team. This contract will undoubtedly place him at the pinnacle or close to the pinnacle of the market. With each passing day, his value continues to rise.

Jared Goff’s contract extension with the Lions did not make things any cheaper.

The Cowboys should have already signed Prescott to an extension, but they have yet to do so. Despite waiting for two years for his second contract, Prescott remains patient.

“I’ve never played for money and I’ve never really cared about it,” Prescott expressed in an interview with Patrik Walker from the team website. “I would give it all up just to be able to play this game. I’ll leave it to the business people to determine its value and what they should offer a quarterback like me, someone of my caliber as a player and leader. I’ll focus on what I can control, and the rest will fall into place.”

Prescott’s contract is coming to an end this season, and it currently accounts for $55.4 million against the salary cap. It’s worth noting that he has both a no-trade and no-tag clauses in his contract.

If the Cowboys choose not to sign Prescott to an extension and allow him to become a free agent in 2025, they will still be burdened with a hefty $40.460 million in dead money against the team’s cap that year.

Prescott has consistently held the upper hand in contract negotiations, thanks to his ability to maintain leverage. This was evident when he was tagged with consecutive franchise tags, which ultimately resulted in him signing a lucrative four-year, $160 million deal in 2021.

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Prescott emphasized the importance of focusing on the team’s current needs during this period of OTAs. He acknowledged that business matters will naturally take care of themselves and expressed confidence in his ability to handle them. Prescott’s experience allows him to remain focused on what he can control and contribute to the team’s success.

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