Chris Pratt’s razing of an iconic Los Angeles home angers locals, but the architect’s family is cool with it

Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger have upset architecture enthusiasts by tearing down a historic L.A. residence to construct their dream home. However, the daughter of the architect reassures that the loss is not as significant as it seems.

Erin Ellwood, the daughter of renowned architect Craig Ellwood, who originally designed and constructed the Brentwood, CA home in 1950, has spoken out about the controversy surrounding the Pratt family’s decision to demolish the historic property, known as the Zimmerman home. According to Erin, there is no need for all the commotion surrounding the teardown of this iconic residence.

She doesn’t view it as the tragedy that her father’s fans are portraying it to be, especially since it doesn’t showcase his most remarkable and refined work.

According to Erin, she would have preferred if someone had just renovated the place instead of tearing it down. However, she is not upset about Katherine and Chris’ choice to start over on the property.

The Hollywood couple bought the property last year for $12.5 million because of its prime location. Erin acknowledges their intention to create a family home near Maria Shriver’s double compound and respects their decision.

Erin is truly passionate about promoting eco-friendly practices, and one aspect she strongly advocates for is minimizing waste.

She is passionate about giving back and believes it would be wonderful if items from the previous residence could be recycled to assist those in need. Alternatively, she suggests that these items could be repurposed in architecture schools, breathing new life into them.

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Erin’s stance is eagerly awaited by architecture fans who are hoping for a much-needed remedy to their anger over C&K’s decision to demolish the historic gem.

Despite facing criticism, the couple is moving forward with their plans and making a bold decision to trade a piece of L.A. history for a larger, more modern farmhouse-style home, which is currently in high demand.

As the saying goes, it’s time to bring in the new and bid farewell to the old, even when it comes to an iconic Ellwood favorite.

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