Caitlyn Jenner Suggests Sending Pro-Palestine LGBT Protesters to Iran or Gaza

Caitlyn Jenner is expressing her opinions on the current pro-Palestine protests happening at college campuses all over the country. She strongly believes that these individuals should be sent to the Middle East.

Caitlyn Jenner expressed her strong opinion regarding the various protests taking place at American universities. Specifically, she addressed the use of LGBTQ+ imagery as a means of showing support for the situation in Gaza. The former Olympian did not hold back in sharing her thoughts on this matter.

She specifically mentioned a video of protesters at Cal Poly Humboldt. In the video, the students were being asked to disperse, and one student caught her attention by spinning around a rainbow-colored umbrella.

Caitlyn interpreted this as an attempt by the protesters to merge different causes and alliances, but she wants to make it clear that she, as a trans woman, does not align with them.

She writes, “Deport these morons and send them to Iran or Gaza. Have fun being burnt alive, beheaded, or pushed off a building. It is illegal, and punishable by death in the most egregious ways, to be LGBT in these hell hole regions, governed with terrorist regimes!”


It comes as no surprise that Caitlyn holds conservative views, and her stance on this issue is in line with many others on the right. While some agree with her, others believe that her position may be too extreme.

CJ, who had previously confronted pro-Palestine protesters in D.C. during the White House Correspondents’ Dinner, is perfectly suited for this situation.


The college campus protests have escalated significantly in recent days, with people taking a firm stance and expressing their clear opinions on the matter.

Caitlyn definitely fits the description.

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