Caitlin Clark Shatters All-Time Scoring Record, Earning Her Recognition as Potentially the Greatest Female Athlete of All Time

Caitlin Clark, the talented guard for the Iowa Hawkeyes, has had an extraordinary season that has shattered records. One of her remarkable achievements is securing the title for the highest number of career points in Division I history, surpassing both men and women. Nonetheless, if you happen to visit Beaumont, Texas, you will come across a museum dedicated to a woman who is widely regarded as the greatest female athlete in history.

Babe Didrikson was not only a skilled basketball player but also excelled in various other fields. Even though she passed away almost a century ago, her achievements continue to amaze people who visit her legacy.

“Babe, originally from Port Arthur, Texas, relocated to this area following a devastating hurricane. Her parents, Norwegian immigrants who belonged to the working class, made the move,” shares Sadie Atha from the Beaumont Convention and Visitors Bureau.

She was originally named Mildred Didrikson, but she became known as Babe due to a notable athletic accomplishment in her early years, as Atha explains.

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According to Atha, Babe earned her nickname after hitting five home runs in a single inning while playing for her local baseball team. Her remarkable feat led people to compare her to the legendary Babe Ruth, hence the nickname “Babe.”

Babe’s natural athleticism was apparent from a young age. In fact, one of their neighbors went as far as trimming the Didrikson’s hedges so that Babe could have a space to practice jumping over them for the hurdles.

In 1932, she participated in the AAU track and field championships and emerged victorious as a one-woman team, surpassing highly esteemed teams consisting of over 20 women from the country’s leading universities. Following her remarkable achievement, she set her sights on the Olympic games.

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Atha explains that during the pretrials, she was able to qualify for five events. However, due to the restrictions placed on women at the time, she was only allowed to compete in three events.

She achieved remarkable success at the Olympics, showcasing her exceptional talent and skills in multiple events. Notably, she secured a world record in the javelin throw, earning her a well-deserved gold medal. Additionally, she demonstrated her agility and speed by triumphing in the 80-meter hurdles, further solidifying her position as a champion. Moreover, her prowess in the high jump catapulted her to a silver medal, as the judges made a fair decision based on technique. These prestigious medals now proudly adorn the museum in Texas, serving as a testament to her extraordinary achievements.

Babe showed exceptional talent in various sports, but it was the game of golf where she truly left her mark.

According to Atha, she was a remarkable athlete who achieved an astounding 82 tournament victories during her lifetime. Notably, she even secured 17 consecutive wins, a feat that showcased her exceptional talent and determination. Additionally, she holds the distinction of being the first American to triumph in a British tournament. Atha believes that her incredible accomplishments have solidified her status as the greatest female athlete in the world.

In 1938, she married wrestler George Zaharias after their partnership in the game of golf. As a founding member of the LPGA, she played a pivotal role in paving the way for more women to compete in the sport.

At the age of 42, Babe Didrickson was diagnosed with cancer in 1953. Sadly, she passed away three years later, at the age of 45. Despite her relatively short life, Babe Didrickson achieved incredible accomplishments in various sports, which led to her being recognized as the Female Athlete of the Century by the Associated Press.

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Atha acknowledges the legacy that she has left behind, but emphasizes the dedication and inspiration she instilled in others. He emphasizes her belief in the power of determination and highlights her message that anyone can achieve their goals with the right mindset.

Decades may have passed since the trophies found their place in the museum cases, but Babe’s achievements continue to serve as a source of inspiration for athletes worldwide. They stand as a testament to the power of hard work and unwavering determination.

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