Bronx residents are on edge after a series of repeated automobile break-ins

Residents of a Bronx neighborhood are living in fear and frustration following a series of car break-ins that have resulted in stolen tires, airbags, and countless unanswered questions.

Residents in the Allerton neighborhood had a dreadful start to their Monday as they discovered that several vehicles had been broken into overnight.

Bryce Jordan, whose car was broken into, expressed his dismay, saying, “They took everything. I lost a music system worth at least $6,000.”

Drivers are expressing concerns about the increasing danger of parking in the area near the 3000 block of Bronx Park East. They claim that the area has transformed into a shopping strip solely dedicated to car parts.

“It’s only getting worse,” lamented a concerned resident. “They’ve been brazenly stealing tires, from everyone. They leave the cars resting on concrete, without a care. They even have the audacity to steal airbags.”

According to the victims, this has not been the first occurrence of such incidents, and they are distressed by the lack of response to their pleas for assistance.

According to owners who spoke with Eyewitness News, the latest burglary specifically targeted Accura vehicles.

One of the victims, Kevin Tucker, lamented, “They took all the airbags from every Acura car on this strip.”

Owners are further exacerbating their outrage by highlighting the city’s lack of prioritization.

“I couldn’t go to work because I had to wait for the police, and it took them a whopping nine hours to arrive,” Tucker expressed his frustration. “It was absolutely ridiculous.”

A contractor experienced two incidents where his work van was broken into, resulting in the theft of valuable equipment.

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“It’s incredibly frustrating,” expressed the victim, “especially considering that one of my car’s windows alone costs $300. So, when it comes to fixing the damages, we’re looking at a total of $500 to $600.”

Residents are expressing their concerns about the financial strain caused by continuously bearing the burden of these losses.

Another resident expressed the need for cameras and lights in the area to catch the culprits, emphasizing the importance of not making it easy for them.

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