Brian Cox criticizes the Bible as one of the worst books due to its lack of truthfulness

Brian Cox, known for his sharp wit and fearless commentary, has set his sights on religion, particularly the Bible. In his usual charismatic style, he takes on this sacred text, ready to engage in a thought-provoking dialogue.

Brian Cox, the 77-year-old actor from “Succession,” is not one to shy away from expressing his bold and often provocative opinions. In a recent episode of “The Starting Line Podcast” with Rich Leigh, Cox delved deeper into his personal beliefs on topics such as religion, wealth distribution, and politics. As a self-proclaimed socialist, he continues to spark conversations and challenge conventional thinking with his unapologetic stance.

According to Cox, religion significantly holds humanity back as it encompasses belief systems that are external to us.

According to him, religion serves as a means of controlling individuals.

“We are not addressing our true identity. We find ourselves entangled in discussions about what God says and does, but we fail to question the very concept of God. This notion of God has been constructed as a means of control, and it is deeply rooted in patriarchal ideology. We have neglected to give due importance to the matriarchy and its role in shaping our beliefs.”

Cox expressed that his concerns about religion primarily arise from the fact that Judeo-Christian religions focus on a patriarchal perspective when it comes to various aspects of life, society, and politics.

“I find the Bible to be one of the most problematic books ever, personally speaking,” he expressed. He further stated that while some people may find comfort in religion, “they shouldn’t be fed falsehoods; what they truly need is some form of truth, and the Bible doesn’t provide that. It’s more of a mythology, you know . . . it doesn’t really resonate with women’s understanding, which is often far more insightful.”

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