Boebert declares she won’t run in the special election and calls Buck’s decision “weak sauce.”

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo.) criticized Rep. Ken Buck’s (R-Colo.) early resignation as “weak sauce.” However, she made it clear that she has no intentions of stepping down herself to run in the special election for his seat.

Lauren Boebert, a congresswoman from Colorado, currently represents the state’s 3rd Congressional District, encompassing the Western Slope and a significant portion of southern Colorado. In a surprising move, Boebert revealed her intention to run for the 4th District seat in eastern Colorado after incumbent Ken Buck announced that he would not seek reelection.

But Buck surprised everyone by announcing that he will retire from Congress earlier than planned. He revealed on Tuesday that he intends to leave his position at the end of next week. This unexpected decision will lead to a special election during the summer to find a replacement for the remainder of Buck’s term. As a result, Boebert’s prospects of being elected to Buck’s seat are now uncertain.

Boebert’s commitment to her constituents in the 3rd district was questioned after Buck’s departure. However, she assured The Hill that she had no intention of leaving her constituents behind.

Lauren Boebert expressed her intention to continue her candidacy in the GOP primary for the full two-year term in the 4th District. She criticized Buck’s choice to vacate his House seat before the completion of his term. Boebert’s campaign released a statement outlining her position on the matter.

According to Lauren Boebert, Ken Buck’s announcement yesterday is seen as a favor to the Uniparty. She believes that the establishment has devised a shady deal to manipulate an election that she is leading by 25 points. Boebert argues that scheduling an unnecessary Special Election on the same day as the Primary Election will only serve to confuse voters, leave the district without representation for over three months, and result in a lame duck Congressman from day one. In her view, the 4th District deserves better than this.

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Boebert proudly emphasized that she was the sole candidate in the race to receive an endorsement from Trump, highlighting her commitment to the principles of America First.

Boebert, a member of Congress since 2020, finds herself in a challenging political situation. The Colorado Republican narrowly secured re-election in the state’s 3rd District, defeating Democrat Adam Frisch in 2022. Her choice to switch districts was perceived as an attempt to circumvent a potential loss in her current district, where Frisch has declared his candidacy once again.

The unexpected retirement of Buck has complicated her chances in the upcoming special election. Both parties have the opportunity to select a candidate who will compete in the special election on June 25, which coincides with the state’s primaries.

The Republican candidate who is selected to run in the special election has a significant advantage in Buck’s solidly conservative district. This is because voters will have the opportunity to vote for both the special election and the GOP primary for the two-year term on the same day.

Boebert would have had to resign from her seat in order to participate in the special election for Buck’s seat. This would have posed a greater risk to the GOP majority in the House.

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