Biden not accountable for Trump trial, Fox News anchor tells Alina Habba

Fox News anchor and legal analyst, Shannon Bream, challenged a statement made by Alina Habba, one of Donald Trump’s attorneys, regarding President Biden’s alleged responsibility for the criminal charges faced by the former president in New York.

Habba, who joined Bream, the host of “Fox News Sunday,” expressed her belief that Joe Biden is limited in his ability to take action while in office. According to her, Biden must resort to similar tactics as someone attempting to profit from a slip and fall accident. This, she claims, is what is currently happening.

According to Habba, this is undeniably a Biden show as he needs to divert the attention of the American people.

Bream interjected, emphasizing that the Biden administration cannot be held accountable for this trial.

Habba, in a passionate retort, challenged the notion that the Biden administration should not be held accountable.

“It is a state trial,” Bream clarified. “The Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, is overseeing it. Regardless of whether you believe there is a political motive behind his actions, it is not connected to the Department of Justice. I mean, the federal authorities declined to pursue charges related to the election.”

Bream countered Habba’s claim by pointing out that the federal government had declined to pursue the cases, suggesting that the logs showing state officials visiting the White House did not necessarily indicate political influence in Trump’s prosecution.

Trump is currently facing 34 charges in New York. These charges are related to allegations that he falsified business records in order to hide hush money payments. The payments were made just before the 2016 election to women who claimed to have had affairs with him.

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The former president has entered a plea of not guilty in the hush money case, while his political allies have consistently argued that the charges brought against him are politically motivated, aimed at preventing his re-election for a second term in the White House this upcoming fall.

The jury in New York started deliberating a verdict in the case on Wednesday morning.

Trump is currently dealing with two distinct criminal cases related to his attempts to stay in power following the 2020 election. Additionally, he is facing a federal case regarding his handling of White House records following the conclusion of his presidency.

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