Biden administration raises $10 million in first 24 hours following State of the Union

President Joe Biden’s campaign received a significant boost in funds following his State of the Union address on Thursday. In just 24 hours, his re-election machine raised an impressive $10 million. This financial surge comes at a crucial time as the campaign aims to capitalize on the momentum generated by the speech and strengthen its position for the upcoming general election.

The campaign announced that the sum raised for Biden’s re-election effort is a record, surpassing previous fundraising numbers. This is a significant achievement, especially when compared to the $42 million raised in January by Biden’s campaign and affiliated committees, which included the Democratic National Committee and other party groups. The news was first shared with NBC News, highlighting the campaign’s success in garnering support and financial contributions.

According to a senior adviser from the Biden campaign, the money came in through around 116,000 donations made by 113,000 contributors. This impressive total further solidifies Biden’s initial financial advantage over former President Donald Trump.

At the end of January, Biden’s campaign had a substantial $56 million in funds, as reported by public campaign finance filings. In comparison, the DNC had $24 million at their disposal. On the other hand, Trump’s campaign and the Republican National Committee had $30 million and $9 million in their coffers, respectively. It’s worth noting that both operations had additional funds stored in various fundraising accounts.

The Biden campaign is embracing its early financial advantage by launching a new advertisement as part of a $30 million, six-week campaign to saturate swing states with their message. In the ad, Biden directly addresses the camera, acknowledging his age but emphasizing his ability to effectively accomplish tasks. He highlights a range of achievements since taking office and draws comparisons between himself and Trump.

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In the past week, Biden’s campaign reported a remarkable post-State of the Union total of $10 million. This achievement comes alongside other notable successes, including raising $1.5 million online on Wednesday, coinciding with Trump’s confirmation as the presumptive GOP nominee.

The campaign has witnessed a surge in grassroots fundraising, reaching record levels for the re-election bid in the past four months. This momentum reached its peak during the State of the Union, with the campaign setting new hourly online fundraising records for three consecutive hours.

“We express our gratitude to the passionate supporters who are more determined than ever to reelect President Biden and Vice President Harris. The President’s State of the Union address served as a powerful reminder to our supporters of who is standing up for them, and the immense significance of this election for our freedoms, our rights, and our democracy,” Chavez Rodriguez remarked. She further conveyed her condolences to the opposition candidate and his struggling campaign, stating, “It appears that promoting women’s rights, favoring the wealthy with tax cuts, and undermining American democracy is not exactly a winning message.”

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