Ben Affleck Departs from Los Angeles Residence Amid Speculation of Relationship Troubles with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck was seen leaving a residence where he appears to be staying without his wife, Jennifer Lopez, sparking rumors of a possible split.

On Thursday morning, the actor was spotted in the Brentwood neighborhood of Los Angeles. According to sources, he was seen leaving a house that he frequently visits. It is also rumored that he has been staying overnight at this location.

This morning, paparazzi spotted him leaving the same area alone. It is worth noting that Ben was not seen at his house with J Lo the night before. This suggests that he spent the night at this Brentwood address.

An InTouch report this week claimed that he and J Lo are done for. This information is relevant because it sheds light on their current relationship status.

What’s even more significant is that the account also indicated that Ben has potentially left their shared residence in Beverly Hills. Although we can’t be certain if he has completely moved out, we have observed Ben staying at a house in Brentwood for the past week or so.

It is worth noting that both Ben and Jen have been spotted wearing their wedding rings in recent days. This includes a photo of Ben, with his arm casually resting outside the window, where he can be seen proudly displaying his wedding ring.

Jennifer has been seen wearing hardware on her wedding ring recently. However, both she and Ben have been noticeably distant from each other in public, even at events like the Met Gala where Jennifer attended by herself.

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Ben has been busy filming “The Accountant 2” recently, which explains his absence from the Met. However, it’s worth noting that he attended Tom Brady’s roast in L.A. the night before the Met Gala. Meanwhile, Jennifer has been spotted in Los Angeles without Ben.

As we previously mentioned, Jennifer Lopez was spotted house hunting earlier this week alongside her longtime producing partner. However, given the recent developments, it is now plausible that she may have been searching for a new home for herself. It is worth noting that Jennifer and Ben Affleck had purchased a substantial estate together just last year.

Ben and Jen were last seen together in March while they were in NYC. However, there haven’t been any photographs of them together since then.

Ben in Brentwood, along with his ex-wife Jennifer Garner, has been seen attending their children’s events in recent weeks. While this could be seen as a family matter, it is worth noting that Ben has his own place in the area, not far from Jennifer’s.


We have been attempting to obtain clarification from the teams of both J Lo and Ben, but as of now, we have not received any official response.

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