Bankroll Freddie Convicted of Federal Drug and Firearm Offenses

Arkansas rapper Bankroll Freddie has faced a verdict on several charges following his arrest in 2022 for federal gun and drug offenses.

According to THV-11, the artist known as Quality Control, whose real name is Freddie Gladney III, has been convicted of several charges. These include one count of possessing and distributing marijuana, one count of possessing and distributing a controlled substance, one count of possessing a firearm for the purpose of drug trafficking, and one count of using a communications facility for drug trafficking activities.

Bankroll Freddie’s sentencing status has not been confirmed yet, but it is important to mention that other charges against the Arkansas native have been dropped. The ruling was recently filed with the U.S. District Court in Eastern District Arkansas.

Bankroll Freddie’s arrest in a federal drug bust happened almost two years ago. He was charged in a 61-count indictment alongside the Loady Murder Mobb Every Body Killas (EBK) gang, which authorities suspect he was affiliated with.

The officials stated that the members of the EBK gang deliberately and willingly conspired with each other to distribute cocaine, crack cocaine, methamphetamine, and marijuana.

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