Bad news emerges for Joe Biden from swing state

The upcoming Wisconsin Democratic Primary is replicating the anti-war messaging that targeted President Joe Biden and his reelection campaign. This strategy is being implemented in the hopes of achieving the same level of success seen in Michigan.

Wisconsin and the Uncommitted National Movement have allocated a budget of $250,000 to encourage “uncommitted” votes in the state’s April 2 primary. This initiative aims to support candidates like Biden, Representative Dean Phillips (who has withdrawn from the presidential race and endorsed Biden), as well as the “Uninstructed Delegation” and write-in options.

In a striking resemblance to the Michigan Democratic primary on February 27, where over 100,000 voters expressed their disapproval of the Biden administration’s handling of the alleged genocide of Palestinians by Israeli soldiers, similar efforts are now taking place. This protest movement, which is gaining momentum, particularly in Dearborn, the city with the highest population of Arab Americans in the United States, aims to send a clear message of dissatisfaction towards the administration’s response.

Natalia Latif, the national communications director for the Uncommitted National Movement, expressed in a phone interview with Newsweek on Wednesday that the donations received from grassroots supporters, amounting to six figures, have been generated in a remarkably organic manner. These funds will be utilized for various purposes such as mailers, a digital ad featuring testimonials, and Meta ads that will be circulated in the coming week.

According to Latif, organizations have been paying close attention to the developments in Michigan. He believes that the movement we are witnessing in various states across the country is a result of grassroots efforts inspired by one another.

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A representative from the Wisconsin Democratic Party directed Newsweek to the Biden campaign for comment. Newsweek contacted the campaign via email.

According to recent polls conducted by Morning Consult for Bloomberg, Joe Biden has seen a resurgence in popularity in swing states like Wisconsin and Michigan. These states are considered crucial in determining the outcome of the November election. Despite a decline in his poll numbers in the past, Biden has managed to regain momentum in these key battleground states.

In a surprising turn of events, the current frontrunner has taken the lead in Wisconsin. Despite being four points behind Trump previously, Biden has managed to close the gap and is now leading in the Badger State. Additionally, the race is becoming increasingly competitive in Pennsylvania and Michigan, with Biden and Trump now essentially tied. This is a significant shift from February, when the former president held the lead in these states.

Despite previous surveys in February showing Biden trailing in Arizona, Nevada, and North Carolina, the current polls indicate that he is still behind in these states, albeit by a narrower margin.

The president, who reached the necessary threshold of 1,968 delegates on March 12, still has the opportunity to secure a significant portion of Wisconsin’s 95 delegates in the upcoming week. In order to be awarded delegates, a candidate must obtain at least 15 percent of the vote either statewide or in a specific congressional district, as stated by the statewide party.

The Uncommitted National Movement was officially launched on March 11. Since then, dedicated volunteers have been working tirelessly in states like Minnesota, Washington, and now Wisconsin to unite their efforts.

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According to Latif, the current funding for the project came from community members who joined forces to crowdfund and initiate a larger movement. Many of these individuals have been directly impacted by the military conflict in Gaza. On October 7, 2023, Hamas, a militant group, launched an attack on Israel and held hostages.

According to her, individuals have been showing their support by personally visiting stores and printing flyers. It appears that there is a growing momentum towards achieving a final ceasefire in the region.

According to Latif, the members of the movement, some of whom were affected by the previous Trump administration’s Muslim ban, are fully aware of the significance of the situation.

In her statement, she emphasized that this movement is dedicated to opposing war. She expressed their determination to continue their efforts until a permanent ceasefire is achieved. Their goal is to prevent the funding of weapons that contribute to the crimes committed by Israel and to establish more effective mechanisms to ensure that U.S. tax dollars are not used to violate human rights.

“We believe you can observe the transformation happening within the administration. This has been our objective from the very beginning.”

When asked about the duration of this movement, Latif expressed their determination to continue until the Democratic National Convention. She emphasized the uncertainty of gauging satisfaction until a ceasefire is achieved, stating, “We remain open and committed to exploring all available options.”

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