Ayesha Curry Expresses Surprise After Drake References Her in His Song ‘Race My Mind’

Ayesha Curry was left “dumbfounded” when Drake mentioned her in one of his songs. The 34-year-old, who is married to NBA superstar Stephen Curry, expressed her surprise at the unexpected shout-out. It was revealed recently that the couple is expecting their fourth child.

In 2021, Drake dropped his album “Certified Lover Boy” and paid tribute to Ayesha Curry in his track “Race My Mind.” Within the song, which revolves around a woman who struggles with full commitment in a relationship, Drake acknowledges Ayesha as an exceptional wife. His lyrics go, “Posted that pic you sent me, it wasn’t recent enough/How am I supposed to settle down? You’re not Ayesha enough.”

When Ayesha was asked about her reaction to the hit song on Monday’s episode of Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen, she expressed her astonishment. “I think I was dumbfounded,” she admitted. Ayesha considers Drake and his producers to be like family, so she felt grateful that they showed her such respect by acknowledging her as a great wife.

Ayesha has consistently proven herself to be an exceptional wife, demonstrating her unwavering support for her husband’s career and her own achievements and commitment to their family.

Ayesha truly embodies the essence of a supportive wife, a crucial attribute in any successful marriage. She consistently stands by Stephen’s side, providing unwavering support and love. Whether it’s cheering him on from the sidelines during games or offering words of encouragement during both triumphs and challenges, Ayesha has been a constant source of strength throughout Stephen’s career.

Drake’s new song “Race My Mind” has caused a buzz on social media, particularly due to a reference he made to Ayesha Curry, the wife of basketball player Steph Curry. The mention of Ayesha in the lyrics has sparked conversations and led to the hashtag #Ayesha trending online.

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Ayesha not only fulfills her role as a devoted wife but also excels as a caring mother to their three children. She gracefully embraces the responsibilities of a caregiver and nurturer, consistently prioritizing her children’s well-being. Ayesha actively engages in their lives, attending their school events and ensuring they are provided with nourishing homemade meals.

In addition, Ayesha is not just a successful businesswoman, but she has also carved a niche for herself in the culinary world. With her own cooking show, cookbooks, and a line of cookware, she has demonstrated her exceptional talent and unwavering passion for food. Ayesha’s enterprising nature and determination have not only led her to achieve great success but have also motivated countless individuals to follow their own aspirations.

Ayesha Curry admits she was completely taken aback when Drake included her in his song “Race My Mind.”

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