Authorities discover burned remains of missing Georgia mother in Tennessee cemetery

Police have now revealed that a man who is accused of murdering his former girlfriend, as well as the mother of his child, sought the assistance of his own family in concealing the heinous crime.

Brianna Winston, a 23-year-old woman, had been missing for several weeks until authorities discovered her remains at a cemetery in Tennessee.

Channel 2’s Tom Jones visited Clayton County on Monday, where officers provided an update on the case.

Michale Edwards is now facing more charges, which include malice, felony murder, and conspiracy to commit a crime. Alongside Edwards, his mother, wife, and brother have also been arrested. According to the police, they were accused of aiding him in concealing his involvement in Winston’s death.

According to Lt. Ashanti Marbury of the Clayton County Police Department, he made sure to involve everyone in this crime.

Marbury stated that she was also well-informed about his location on March 17th when he was present, disposing of the remains.

After his arrest, police overheard Edwards speaking to his wife during a jail call, where he requested her to burn his shoes and gloves that were used in the crime.

According to the police, he informed her that his 17-year-old brother, Keilan Wright, would assist in the matter. The authorities also revealed that Ebony Anderson, Edwards’ mother, played a role in concealing the crime.

According to Marbury, there is evidence suggesting that she was involved in burning the items as requested by Michale.

Marbury announced that they had found Brianna’s remains at the cemetery.

Edwards and his wife are currently in custody without the option for bail. However, his mother and brother have been able to secure their release by posting bail.

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Winston’s family was present at the news conference, and their emotions were evident as some of them left in tears. They expressed their gratitude for finally receiving the long-awaited answers regarding their beloved family member’s fate.

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