Arrests made after pro-Palestinian protestors overrun the Brooklyn Museum

On Friday, the Brooklyn Museum was filled with hundreds of pro-Palestinian demonstrators.

The New York City Police Department has reported that arrests were made, although the exact number of individuals taken into custody remains unknown.

Hundreds of people gathered near the Barclays Center in Fort Greene around 4 p.m. to initiate the protests and begin their march.

Around 4:30 p.m., protesters reached the Brooklyn Museum, causing a sense of urgency among the museum employees who quickly locked the doors in response.

A group of individuals went to great lengths to make their message heard by scaling the building and displaying a massive banner on the roof that proclaimed, “Free Palestine. Divest from genocide.”

According to the Brooklyn Museum, they did not contact the NYPD, but police officers arrived at the scene and engaged in confrontations with protesters, resulting in several arrests.

According to CBS New York, the museum has reported that both existing and newly installed artwork on their plaza was damaged during the protest. In addition, the museum’s public safety staff experienced physical and verbal harassment as the protesters entered the building.

Due to concerns for the safety of the building, its collections, and the museum staff, the museum decided to close an hour earlier than usual.

According to the police, the organization responsible for the protest has arranged multiple demonstrations, including one near the Met Gala in May.

On the same day, President Joe Biden announced that Israel has put forth a new cease-fire proposal. Meanwhile, Israel is intensifying its advance into Rafah, a city located in southern Gaza.

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According to Mr. Biden, Israel has presented a comprehensive new proposal that serves as a roadmap towards achieving a lasting cease-fire and the release of all hostages. This proposal has been delivered to Hamas through Qatar.

The upcoming 60th annual Israel Day on Fifth Parade is facing potential threats of mass violence or disruption, according to an internal threat assessment obtained by CBS New York. This comes as protestors gather to voice their concerns regarding the event.

Israel is currently facing increasing international criticism due to the loss of Palestinian lives and the worsening humanitarian crisis in Gaza.

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