Angler catches massive 9-pound fish off Georgia coast, breaking state record

A monster fish was caught by a skilled fisherman in Georgia, setting a new state record.

Brian Richburg, a resident of Brunswick, reeled in a magnificent 9-pound, 6-ounce triggerfish. This impressive catch surpasses the previous state record by a notable two pounds, a record that had only been set last month.

While fishing off the coast of Georgia, Richburg managed to reel in an impressive catch from the depths of waters measuring 180 feet.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources expressed their admiration for the vibrant colors and distinctive shape of the Queen triggerfish (Balistes vetula). They also acknowledged Brian’s extraordinary catch, which not only breaks records in Georgia’s fishing history but also highlights the incredible fishing opportunities found in our waters.

Queen Triggerfish are commonly found in Florida and the Bahamas, with a typical length of around 12 inches. Although they can grow up to 24 inches long, most individuals are only about half that size.

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