Alabama Governor Kay Ivey suggests highest initial salary for educators in the South, along with salary increases

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is pushing for an increase in starting teacher pay to $47,600, which would be the highest among neighboring states. This proposed 7.6% raise would surpass previous salary increases for teachers.

Teachers who have been in the profession for three or more years will receive a 2% increase in their salary. This raise will be applicable to all employees working in K-12 schools and community colleges.

During her State of the State address on Tuesday evening, Ivey discussed the proposal.

“We have a commitment to ensure that our teachers have the highest starting salary compared to neighboring states,” she emphasized. “Let’s work towards accomplishing this during this Session.”

Ivey is advocating for several recommendations to improve education. These include the addition of education savings accounts and the expansion of school choice. She also aims to increase funding for math and reading instruction, as well as updating school security measures.

Lawmakers are considering approving a raise for teachers, which would mark the fourth consecutive year of salary increases and the seventh out of nine years during Governor Ivey’s tenure.

    • 2017 – 2% to 4% depending on salary level,
    • 2019 – 2.5%
    • 2020 – 4%
    • 2022 – 2%
    • 2023 – 4%
    • 2024 – 2%

The starting salary for teachers stood at $36,867 by the time Ivey assumed the role of governor in April 2017.

Amy Marlowe, Executive Director of the Alabama Education Association, expressed cautious optimism regarding the enactment of Governor Ivey’s proposal, as reported by

According to Marlowe, the salary target is constantly changing. He mentioned that Florida’s current salary is $47,500, but other states are also increasing their salaries. He highlighted that Florida is considering legislation to raise the base salary to $65,500.

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According to Marlowe, it is important to ensure that the educators currently working in classrooms receive raises in Alabama. He believes that as revenues increase, these raises should not only address inflation but also make a significant impact in order to retain teachers in the classroom.

“Fortunately, Governor Ivey has been a cooperative partner in our efforts and has shown a willingness to listen,”

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