Breaking News: After serving a 12-year sentence, a rioter who assaulted cops lashes out at the judge selected by Trump

A supporter of Donald Trump, who wore a “MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN” sweatshirt, was sentenced to 12 years in federal prison on Friday for attacking officers during the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. The Trump-appointed judge faced the wrath of the convicted individual during the sentencing.

Quaglin expressed his frustration and anger towards Judge Trevor McFadden after receiving a 12-year sentence, delivering a lengthy statement during his sentencing.

Quaglin didn’t hold back when he confronted McFadden, who had been appointed by Trump in 2017. “You’re Trump’s biggest blunder of 2016,” he boldly declared.

Quaglin received one of the longest sentences given to rioters since the Capitol attack, with a 12-year term. Federal prosecutors have taken action against over 1,400 individuals, resulting in more than 1,000 convictions. While many defendants have received probationary sentences, over 500 have been sentenced to various periods of incarceration, ranging from a few days to as long as 22 years in federal prison.

According to McFadden, Quaglin, who works as an electrician, assaulted his fellow blue collar Americans on January 6 while donning the stars and stripes of the United States.

McFadden expressed his outrage and called the situation a disgrace.

According to McFadden, it is evident that Quaglin had been planning for the events of January 6th for some time. Unlike other rioters who may have acted impulsively, Quaglin had made preparations and brought gear to the Capitol with the intention of participating in what he referred to as a “civil war.” McFadden also noted that Quaglin had taken on the role of a propagandist for the defendants of January 6th, spreading falsehoods about the nature of the attack and falsely claiming that it was mostly peaceful. However, McFadden pointed out that Quaglin’s own actions contradicted these claims, as he was well aware of the violence that took place on that day.

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McFadden accused the person of being far from peaceful on that particular day and labeled them as a menace to society.

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