Actress Charlyne Yi Accuses Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clements’ ‘Time Bandits’ Set of Assault; Paramount Responds to Concerns

Charlyne Yi has come forward with serious allegations of physical assault and psychological abuse on the set of “Time Bandits,” a forthcoming Apple TV+ series produced by Paramount Television Studios and directed by Taika Waititi. According to Yi, they were subjected to multiple instances of physical assault by another actor and experienced psychological abuse. Additionally, Yi claims they were coerced into quitting the project and were denied workers compensation for a back injury and PTSD that they allegedly suffered. These allegations raise significant concerns about the working conditions and treatment of cast and crew on the set of “Time Bandits.”

Paramount TV Studios emphasized the significance of the safety of their cast and crew, stating that they take all concerns seriously. In response to a complaint, the studio conducted a thorough investigation and implemented additional measures to address the raised concerns. While the details of the investigation are confidential, Paramount TV Studios remains committed to ensuring the well-being of their team.

According to a source familiar with the show, the incident mentioned by Yi occurred during a scene where actors were running. In this particular incident, a fellow actor accidentally bumped into Yi and picked them up. The source did confirm that Yi suffered a back injury, but did not provide any details regarding the cause of the injury. It was clarified that Yi’s claim of workers’ compensation being denied was incorrect. The studio actually helped Yi receive payment from the third party responsible for workers’ compensation, and Yi is currently working with them to secure additional payment.

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Yi, who made allegations against the show “Time Bandits,” has stated that they are currently looking for a new manager and attorney to handle their case. Variety attempted to contact Yi for further details through their agency, attorney, and Instagram, but has yet to receive a response.

Yi, who portrays Judy in the series, took to Instagram on May 7 to make the allegations. In her caption, she questioned why people focus on the delay in speaking up rather than examining the institutions and circumstances that create an unsafe environment.

Yi, in addition to accusing the alleged abuser of physical and psychological abuse and rejecting workers’ compensation, claimed that they were subjected to gaslighting by their coworkers, producers, and HR. Prior to conducting an investigation, HR advised them to leave the show with their “integrity” instead of suggesting that the alleged abuser be removed. Furthermore, Yi was instructed to submit to their abuser to avoid further physical assault, which caused them to experience suicidal thoughts, despite not having a history of such ideation.

In a follow-up Instagram post, Yi further elaborated on the situation by sharing screenshots of text conversations with a Chinese Medicine doctor. In the caption, Yi revealed that they were experiencing excruciating shooting pains and constant disassociation due to chronic pain. They expressed their desire to receive workers compensation in order to seek treatment for their back injury and address the PTSD resulting from the physical assaults and psychological abuse they endured on the set of Time Bandits.

In their initial statement, Yi expresses their exhaustion with the constant backlash they face whenever they speak out. They reveal that they have been subjected to blacklisting, death threats, threats of legal action, and even termination. Back in 2018, they shared their experience of being harassed by Marilyn Manson while working on the set of “House.” And just recently, in 2021, they opened up about their decision to try and leave the production of James Franco’s “The Disaster Artist” upon discovering allegations of sexual misconduct against him.

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According to a reliable insider, Yi left the production of “Time Bandits” voluntarily before it concluded. However, this source refutes the claim that Yi was pressured into leaving. Instead, they assert that following a thorough investigation that failed to corroborate Yi’s accusations, the actor was given the choice to continue working or exit the production without any contractual obligations. Moreover, Yi was compensated for all the episodes they were initially scheduled to be a part of.

The filming of “Time Bandits” took place in New Zealand and concluded in January 2023. According to the source, the altercation between Yi and their fellow cast member happened around 18 months ago, indicating that it occurred prior to mid-November 2022.

Yi’s character will continue to make appearances in the final series, despite their departure. However, their character was excluded from episodes that were filmed after their departure.

Representatives for Waititi and Apple TV+ declined to comment when asked for their input, and instead referred the inquiry to Paramount TV Studios.

“Time Bandits” is a television series that draws inspiration from the 1981 film directed by Terry Gilliam. The show features a talented team of executive producers, including Taika Waititi, Jemaine Clement, Iain Morris, and Garrett Basch. The production of the series involves Paramount TV Studios in collaboration with Anonymous Content’s AC Studios and MRC Television.

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