Actor Dabney Coleman, Star of ‘9 to 5,’ Passes Away at Age 92

Hollywood has lost a true legend with the passing of Dabney Coleman. The actor, who was best known for his memorable performance as a villain in the film “9 to 5,” has left a lasting impact on the industry. His talent and presence will be greatly missed.

Quincy Coleman, the daughter of the actor, Dabney Wharton Coleman, revealed to TMZ that her father peacefully passed away at his home on Thursday, May 16th, 2024, at 1:50 PM.

“My father embraced his time here on earth with a spirit of curiosity, a heart full of generosity, and a soul ignited by passion, desire, and a delightful sense of humor that brought joy to people’s lives. Throughout his journey, he gracefully navigated the final chapter of his life with poise, skill, and a true mastery of his craft.”

Finally, Quincy expresses his deep admiration for Dabney Coleman, describing him as a teacher, a hero, and a king. Quincy believes that Dabney Coleman’s impact will continue to be felt even after his passing, as his spirit will live on through his work, his loved ones, and his lasting legacy. Quincy believes that Dabney Coleman’s influence will be eternal.

The cause of Dabney’s death has not been disclosed. However, it was reported that he had to cancel a scheduled appearance in April at the Chiller Theatre in New Jersey due to his declining health.

Dabney is best known for his remarkable performance in the iconic film “9 to 5.” He also made a memorable appearance as the sexist director in the 1982 comedy “Tootsie,” which starred Dustin Hoffman.

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Throughout his impressive career, he amassed an astounding 200 acting credits, showcasing his exceptional talent in a myriad of television shows and films. Some notable works in his extensive resume include “You’ve Got Mail,” “WarGames,” “Buffalo Bill,” and “Recess,” among many others.

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In his final acting role, he shared the screen with Kevin Costner in an episode of “Yellowstone,” portraying the character of John Dutton Sr.

During his impressive 60-year career, Dabney received recognition for his outstanding work, earning a total of 6 Emmy nominations. He emerged victorious in 1987, winning the prestigious award for his remarkable contribution to the film “Sworn to Silence.” Additionally, his exceptional talent was acknowledged with a Golden Globe in 1988 for his performance in “The Slap Maxwell Story.” Dabney’s remarkable achievements also extended to television, where he clinched 2 SAG Awards as part of the esteemed ensemble cast of “Boardwalk Empire.”

In August 2018, we had the opportunity to catch up with Dabney in Hollywood. During our conversation, we discussed the rumors swirling around a potential sequel to “9 to 5.” While Dabney didn’t express any objections to the idea, he remained tight-lipped about any ongoing project related to it.

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Dabney, who had been married and divorced twice, leaves behind four children. He passed away at the age of 92.

Rest in peace.

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